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She provides start to her second little one on a bus – Noémie, 18: “Mauritians put on their hearts on their sleeves”

She wanted to give birth in a hospital bed, surrounded by medical staff. Fate wanted it differently. It was on a bus seat that Noémie, 18, gave birth to her second child on Thursday afternoon.

Noémie is brave in every sense of the word. The 18-year-old went to the hospital alone, knowing that she would give birth at any moment.

And what had to happen, happened. She gave birth to her son in the seat of a United Bus Services (UBS) bus, without medical assistance, in the heart of Port-Louis. Fate still smiled on him. The passengers came to his aid.

The scenes are still fresh in my memory. The passengers asked the driver to go to the hospital immediately because of the emergency.”

With great emotions she looks at this moment that will mark her life forever. “I was going to Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital in Port-Louis because my pregnancy was late and I was having contractions. When I was waiting for the bus at the Résidence Vallijee bus station, I had cold sweats and couldn’t take it anymore. I took a UBS bus and sat in the front. I leaned forward. I had contractions for a few minutes, then I gave birth. I immediately called for help and a female passenger came to me and she held my son’s head and legs. Another brought towels to hold the baby until we arrived at the hospital,” says the young single mother.

“fear of my life”

Noémie thanks those who contributed directly or indirectly to its realization.

Of course, even if all is well and ends well, this Pointe-aux-Sables resident admits she had the scare of her life minutes before her birth. “The images from the scene are still fresh in my mind. I remember that the passengers asked the driver to go to the hospital immediately because of the emergency situation. I had the fright of my life when I saw that my baby did not cry or move when he was born. I breathed a sigh of relief when he opened his eyelids,” says Noémie.

Upon arrival at the hospital, she was taken to the ward, where she received help from the medical staff. An arrival that has been immortalized by several individuals. “I was aware that I had come and I remember that there was a large number of people. Tou bann dokter ti deun. I was transported on a stretcher. Inn fer mwa get ti father. Inn dir mwa tou korek me li. Lerla monn won enn soulazman,” she says with a big smile.

The Mauritians reached out to me and I will never forget how much this beautiful gesture touched me.

Today she is feeling well after her wonderful birth. This is her second child, from another union. His parents came to visit him in the hospital. “My mother and my sister know that I was born and they came to the maternity hospital. My father is not aware of anything at the moment, “she admits. As for the baby’s father, he disappeared into nature a long time ago. “We are no longer together. »

She prefers to keep only the good times of this extraordinary event, like all the people who came to her aid. She couldn’t stop being thankful.

“I thank the two employees of the company and the passengers who helped me. I know that the Mauritians have their hearts on their sleeves and they have proven it once again. They were there when I was in a delicate situation where I needed help. The people of Mauritius have reached out to me and I will never forget how much this beautiful gesture touched me”, emphasizes Noémie, who is eager to bring her child home.

Swaley Ramjane, CEO of UBS: “Thank you to everyone who contributed to the birth”

“I thank all those who contributed to the realization. I thank the driver as well as the receiver. I hope this young mother and her newborn are doing well,” said Swaley Ramjane, CEO of United Bus Services (UBS).

“At the time, the passengers thought it was a scene,” said bus driver Ismet Imrith, who said he was leaving the Residence Vallijee station around 5:15 p.m. Thursday afternoon to go to Vallée- des-Prêtes. . “At the same time, we saw a young pregnant woman standing in front of the bus and wanting to get on. Linn dir nou kit li hospital. The station master and conductor asked her to sit because of her condition and she was moved to the front. Kan inn ariv kot bistop Venus, controller dir mwa nepli pou kapav ramas pasaze parski madam la so pos dilo inn kase ek linn koumans fane,” says the driver.

“She complained that she was in pain. At that time, the passengers believed in a scene, but they ended up realizing that it was not so. Just as the bus negotiated the turn that led to the Central Barracks, she would have started to give birth. At that moment the passengers realized that there was an emergency. Everyone wanted to help the mother, who gave birth to her only child. When we heard shouting and crying, we realized that there was an extra passenger on the bus”, continues Ismeti.

He accelerated after negotiating the second turn, after Central Barracks. “Kan inn ariv hospital inn apel dokter.” Inn resi tir madam-la dan bis ek inn amen li hospital. Letan monn finished work monn not hospital. I was told that the newborn and the mother were fine. I was relieved when I heard the good news”, he rejoices.

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