Signature of the partnership settlement between BGFIBank and the Congo Central Governorate in assist of the “Provincial Scholarships Challenge for College Research”

BGFIBank RDC has just sealed a new partnership with the Congo Central Provincial Government. This partnership concerns the accompaniment of the “Provincial Scholarship Project for University Studies for the Development of Kongo Central” initiated by Governor Guy BANDU.

The two parties signed a partnership agreement on Thursday, November 10, 2022 in Kinshasa. For the Administrator – Managing Director of BGFIBANK RDC SA, Mr. Francesco DE MUSSO, this partnership is in line with BGFIBank’s strategic plan “Mbotama ya Sika” (Renaissance in French).

“We are now oriented and turning to a new dynamic with new ambitions for development as a major player in terms of social responsibility. In this capacity we have joined forces today to be able to support the Congo Central Province in a key sector education and quite simply because without youth and without education a country cannot develop. It is really our pleasure to be by your side to contribute to the development of Congolese youth and especially Congo Central. This action is just a first as in the coming weeks you will have the opportunity to see us back on the ground alongside the authorities to contribute to the development and training of Congolese youth,” ADG Francesco DE MUSSO explained to the press.

When asked what motivated the bank to enter into this partnership and how long it will last, the Managing Director of BGFIBANK DRC says, “Education is one of BGFIBank’s priorities. We have a foundation within our group called the BGFIBank Foundation. It is important to us to be a reference when it comes to social responsibility as well.” he reassured in his communication.

And to add:

“Our goal is to support the policy of the Head of State Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo and the Congolese authorities for the fulfillment and development of the Congo through its youth. All of this is done through education and training. Our group attaches particular importance to this. This partnership had to exist for a benchmark player like ours, which has been present in Congo Central almost since the bank opened, a relationship that we want to maintain over the long term, as we rely very little on one-off actions Effect”.


For his part, Vangu Ki Nsongo Baby, Minister of Budget and Finance of Congo Central Province, thanked BGFIBANK for the prompt response to the province’s request.

“The initiative you have taken to support us is very commendable because you are supporting the province in an absolutely noble project. It is about supporting this key sector, education. When we invest in a project that puts youth at the center, we build the future. You are the first banking institution to support the province without hesitation. And this is where we appreciate your spontaneity. As we speak, His Excellency Governor Guy Bandu is symbolically presenting the scholarship to the 20 recipients who were selected following a competitive process,” said Vangu Ki Nsongo Baby, Provincial Budget and Finance Minister.

And to add:

“The candidates selected are not Ne Congo. There are all children of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have chosen to take up residency in Congo Central. On this point we have an approximation of the views with banking. The education sector is one of the priorities of the state government. It represents one of the 14 pillars identified by the state government. Together we are building something that is sustainable, because education enables a city to renew itself.”

After the signing, Minister Vangu-Di-Nsongo was presented with a symbolic check for US$10,000.


BGFIBank DRC, a subsidiary of BGFIBank Group, incorporated on October 4, 2010, is a SA incorporated under the laws of Congo, owned by BGFI Holding Corporation, the parent company of BGFIBank Group, a pan-African group dedicated to the development of the continent uses .

BGFIBank DRC is the only bank in the DRC that is AML 30000 (Anti-Money Laundering (AML)) certified. This certification shows the bank’s commitment to ensure greater transparency in financial transactions.

Clemens Muamba

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