signed an settlement on the college to make reporting sexual assault simpler

At the beginning of 2023, an anonymous questionnaire will also be sent to students from Nantes to find out whether they themselves have been victims of sexual violence.

Le Figaro Nantes

“Facilitate the care of students, the University of Nantes and CROUS staff who have been victims of sexual or gender-based violence” : This was the purpose of the meeting presented on Thursday, November 24, 2022 by the President of the University of Nantes, Carine Bernault, to an audience of students and staff. This document, signed by the Public Prosecutor, the Gendarmes, the Police, the Prefecture, the Crous and the France Victimes 44 Nantes Association, aims to facilitate the reporting and management of situations of sexism, harassment or sexual assault.

As soon as there is a disclosure, we need to quickly initiate investigations and then prosecutions“, underlined the public prosecutor of Nantes, Renaud Gaudeul, while welcoming a long-term initiative. At a time when the first conferences against sexist violence are taking place in the city, “They wanted to raise this issue in a timely manner by not only posting this issue on March 25th [Journée internationale de lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes, ndlr]not only of the month of November, but of the 365 days of the year”.

Raising awareness and supporting victims

Regarding victim support, Renaud Gaudeul recalled the allocation of phones for serious dangers, allowing a victim to immediately alert an emergency service: “ The Nantes Public Prosecutor’s Office has distributed 59 since the beginning of the year. Two years ago it was only 16, last year 31 “. The anti-reconciliation bracelets that geolocate victims and perpetrators of violence also arouse great interest: “ The Nantes Public Prosecutor’s Office is the third largest prosecutor’s office in France in terms of the number of bracelets issued in favor of victims “.

For his part, Laurent Le Gentil, deputy commander of the gendarmerie region, stressed the links between these attacks. “I think of festive occasions, alcoholism, drug use: I invite you to be vigilant towards your friends. This is where the difficulties come in“, he warned. While I stressed that ” Alcohol consumption cannot be an excuse for the attacker. Never. The victim who consumed alcohol does not consent. This should in no way prevent him from coming to the services. She is accompanied “.

I agree with General Le Gentil: watch out for excesses of all kinds in the middle of the festive night. Consent is important in such cases. Sometimes it’s not clear. When you go out you have to be vigilant ” added Nicolas Jolibois, Head of Public Safety Department, recalling the presence of police officers in the faculties to raise awareness of these issues.

A questionnaire sent to students from Nantes

This agreement meets the expectations of young women pursuing their studies peacefully. A recent survey by the Student Observatory of Sexual Violence revealed some pretty serious statistics: One in 10 students said they had been sexually assaulted at least once and one in 20 had been raped during their college education, which is extremely worrying.”, commented François Drapé, Director of the Office of the Prefect of Loire-Atlantique.

In early 2023, an anonymous questionnaire will be sent to students from Nantes to find out if they themselves have been victims of sexual violence. “ The distribution of this questionnaire can produce results that will turn us upside down. ‘ expects Carine Bernault, the President. The signing of the agreement is thus a means of anticipating the results of this future survey.

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