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Silver Konan Responds to Unemployed Docs: “Greater Training Says It Will not Rent All of You, What Can We Do? »

André Silver Konan responded to the unemployed doctors, one of whom in an unsigned text published a contribution received from Afriksoir.net by indexing it. “For two years they have been asking the Ministry of Higher Education to integrate everyone, which the government will not do and they say it clearly. Now what do we do? he replied.

In the text published by Afriksoir, we read this passage: “Doctors teach in boutique schools where they are paid 3,000 fcfa/hour and have to wait 3 or 4 months before they get the money. They manage cabins, practice home schooling, do consulting… In fact, they did not expect cowards and weak intellectuals like André silver Konan or individuals without dignity like Venance Konan to know that they have to sail to eat”.

After sharing the text on his wall, some netizens asked him about his response to the accusation of the unemployed doctor. “André Silver Konan, it seems like in the text, you took a stray bullet,” tagged one internet user. The response of the press chief, whose position on this subject has been constant since 2021, was not long in coming.

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“I saw, but it is not essential for me. They have been asking for two years for the Ministry of Higher Education to integrate everyone, which the government will not do and says clearly. Now what do we do? We spend our time asking the government to integrate them (which it will not do, I repeat), or we find other solutions”, answered André Silver Konan, in a realistic approach.

“One of the solutions I propose, since some doctorates have less chances in the labor market than others, also since the experience of being agile can make it possible to take advantage of other opportunities, in the labor market is using this time to do another doctorate, based on my experience”, argued André Silver Konan.

“I did 2 Masters, because the first one did not correspond to my profession (Human Resources). For intellectuals who have achieved doctorates, is this too complicated to understand? So yes, I saw it, but I shared it anyway because not only am I a believer in respecting opinions, but I don’t let myself be swayed by these things. I am a realist intellectual”, continued the founder of Ivoir’Hebdo.

Recalling: «By the way, I also started to be agile. I managed a phone booth, sold notebooks and bread, set up a laundry where clothes were ironed with a charcoal iron. This is what I call opportunity intelligence. Do we keep running towards an ideal that saves us or do we put our intelligence to the benefit of an opportunity? This is my postulate”.

Another internet user has reacted again to the post published on Facebook. “André Silver Konan when you say that the state would never do it, are you sure? Even if this regime does not do it, others will do it because it is feasible in other countries, it is not the means that does not do this state “. Stakeholder’s response: “Others will do it.” In the meantime, what do we do? But anyway, why do you refuse to be realistic? By the way, I’m not saying that the state will never do it, as you said (intellectuals don’t prostitute themselves with other people’s words). I say that the state says itself that it will not do it. Nuance”.

Another exchange: “André Silver Konan I’m telling you the fight goes on, you have to fight to get what’s right, otherwise they are intellectuals who have planned everything to create other activities to meet their needs, this does not mean that we should abandon the war, they will not come and say their reinvention ignoring the real war. I think telling these doctors what to do to claim what is rightfully theirs is an insult. The strategy is to always listen so that the state remembers this”.

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Answer from André Silver Konan: “What is right for intellectuals who have a doctorate is only (and only) to teach at the university? What would become of a country if all doctors wanted to teach and only teach at the university? In what country that wants to be serious and that wants to go to development, have you seen this? Why do unemployed doctors turn to other ministries such as Culture, Economy, Planning (yes Plan, to think about the country’s development), Agriculture, etc.? and address only the Ministry of Higher Education? But finally, open your eyes, try one day to get out of these closed thoughts! »

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