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Standing Committee of the Departmental Council: 54 recordsdata reviewed

To create a favorable environment for economic activity in the territories thanks to digital technologyThe department has provided, since 2015, a investment support for municipalities and inter-municipalities for the creation of local digital third places. On July 8, 2022, the Standing Committee approved a revamped system that updates support methods.

Reinforced by the health crisis, working methods (teleworking, coworking), business creation (support from the community of actors) and innovation (virtual reality, “fablabs”) have evolved significantly in recent years.

These changes lead to the emergence of new countries – third countries – to encourage the development of new activities in the territories.

The Department has also received a request for a grant of up to €25,000 from the Community of Municipalities of the Braye Valley and Anille for the creation of a co-working space in Besse sur Braye.

This request comes within the framework of the signing by the Department on November 19, 2021 of the Industrial Territory Contract for the Braye and Anille Valleys created after the closure of ARJOWIGGINS with the aim of re-industrializing the territory. In this contract, the Department mentions possible assistance for the creation of a co-working space in Bessé-sur-Braye.

The future co-working space in Bessé sur Braye will be located in a former notary office that is currently being renovated, especially to improve its accessibility to the PMR. From early 2023, it will offer telecommuters or freelancers a workspace tailored to their needs with all the necessary equipment.. For telecommuters or freelancers, this place will break the isolation that can be caused by the “home office” and will stimulate the creation of a local professional network (partnerships, employees, clients, etc.).

Beyond the collaboration, this place can also be used to support digital technology professionals from consular chambers or the solidarity association La Cravate, which has also been approached to train people to return to work.

Individuals will be able to be accompanied by the digital advisor made available to the inter-municipal territory by the Department.

Finally, this space will be able to offer other complementary services, such as a childcare system for people returning to work after digital training in the country or even a fleet of disposable vehicles (Citroën AMI and scooters) for promote the mobility of workers and apprentices.

As part of the Department / CCI Le Mans Sarthe agreement, the Bessésur-Braye collaboration space benefits from support for creation, especially through the animation of different times. In addition, the co-working space will integrate the departmental network of third countries run by CCI Le Mans Sarthe, which will provide collective services (director of third countries, support for the creation of new services, or even reflection for the creation of a work permit of the department).

In accordance with the provisions of the aid form, the department’s subsidy relates only to equipment in digital equipment and digital development work. This means that equipment and development work are directly connected to the workspace. The department’s subsidy covers 50% of eligible expenses excluding VAT within a limit of €25,000.

As a reminder, the Department also finances the supporting actions carried out by the Le Mans Sarthe CCI within the CCI/Department digital convention.

For more, The department participated in the financing of the deployment of optical fiber which today allows the creation of local digital third countries connected at very high speeds in all the Sarthe territories.

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