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stress for homeschooled youngsters

Some children, who were previously schooled at home, enter school for the first time this year. Going back to school is stressful for children as well as for parents.

We are very stressed Annabelle says, we hope that they integrate and quickly understand how the school works “. It is a difficult return to school for this large family of seven children, until now used to home schooling.

This Tuesday, August 30, 2022, Marie, Enguerrand and Victor discovered their school in Caen (Calvados) for the first time. Entering the small nursery section was especially difficult for the little ones, separated from their mothers for the first time.

His older brother, Victor, 7, returned to CE1 with a lump in his stomach. His parents have already tried twice to enroll him in school in the past. Two attempts that went wrong. Until now, he was educated at home.

Of the siblings, only one had a smile today. Enguerrand, in a hurry to make friends and discover the playground. He returned to the big section with great enthusiasm, but his parents are worried because he is a particularly energetic 5-year-old boy.

Victor manages to convince and make friends, he behaves ‘normally’, but Enguerrand can’t help himself. Teachers can have a hard time channeling that.” worries her mother, Annabelle.

In the coming weeks, this mother knows that she must be especially attentive to the integration of her children. “This year, for once, I didn’t have to prepare the programs but Returning to school required a much greater psychological preparation.” she said. “I took the time to explain to the children what is and is not done at school. Even in the coming weeks you have to pay attention to them.”

She has carefully prepared this return to school with her husband. The couple chose a private school. During a meeting with the principal, she assured them that the teachers are open to new pedagogies and that the lesson is adapted to each child, according to his characteristics.

Even if Annabelle made the choice this year to send her kids to school to free up time and resume a professional activity, this mom still wants the freedom to be able to resume homeschooling, which is now under threat. “For children who do not fit in, for whom school does not work, home schooling is necessary. Sometimes it’s a real spare tire“, she said.

But starting this school year 2022, you will now have to meet certain conditions to educate your children at home. The law of August 24, 2021 “on the consolidation of respect for the principles of the Republic”, now requires parents to obtain authorization from the state. Only six reasons are valid:

  • Illness or disability
  • Intense exercise of an artistic or sporting activity
  • Homeless family in France
  • Home away from any public school
  • The characteristics of the child require a specific educational project
  • The child is the victim of bullying at his school

Annabelle defends him: homeschooling is sometimes necessary. “One of our older girls was ahead and had a school phobia.” she testifies “That’s why school was a real source of suffering, it’s a particularly difficult environment for hypersensitive children”. Homeschooling gave the young girl some time off to recover emotionally.

Annabelle is convinced of this, “children should learn by living, not by sitting in a chair”.

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