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Ten articles for our subscribers to not be missed this Friday, November 18th

Silent and aggressive, pancreatic cancer is one of the most feared cancers. 85% of cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage. Only one in ten people has a 5-year survival rate. There is early screening for risk profiles: people suffering from obesity, diabetes, or hereditary or family factors.

2.MOBILITY | More modern trains on the Brussels-Frankfurt ICE route

Seven direct train connections daily connect Brussels with Frankfurt in just under three hours. Less known than the Thalys and the Eurostar, this high-speed line, inaugurated twenty years ago, is enjoying increasing popularity. For the year 2022, Deutsche Bahn is expecting a new record with more than one million passengers transported with ICE trains, departures every two hours in both directions and top speeds of up to 300 km/h.

In 2024, DB will put more modern ICE3 Neo multiple units into service on this route.

3.REGIONS | No access for people with reduced mobility and bicycles at Marloie train station

The Friends of Rail, which have been working to defend the rails in the province of Luxembourg for more than 35 years, met commuters and all other users when boarding and alighting in Marloie on Thursday morning.

With the support of their loyal partners and the Marche municipality, their representatives went to meet them and served them croissants and coffee to collect their complaints about the concerns at the Famennoise train station.

4.REGIONS | Harassment at school: what are the schools in Verviers doing?

While a plan to harmonize the prevention of harassment has been approved by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and is due to be submitted to Parliament for a vote in early 2023, L’Avenir takes stock of what already exists in the arrondissement of Verviers through a few examples in five schools ( primary and secondary school).

5.Dinant: The “kayak” tax must be repealed… publicly

Sometimes we can ask ourselves: But how do they do it?

When the tax rules for launching boats were discussed in a public session on Monday, October 24, the opposition councilor Alain Besohé (LDB) awkwardly named the sole manager of the kayak. He was immediately taken over by the President of the Municipal Council, Lionel Naomé (ID!), because “we can’t give a name”. The item is adjourned and voted on in camera.

Only here could this postponement in closed session, which had the gift of angering the minority councillor, not take place. Olivier Pitance, the operator concerned, pointed this out. You must vote again. “Indeed, Mayor Thierry Bodlet (ID!) acknowledges that we realized the next day that there had been an administrative error.”

6.SPORTS | Roberto Martinez, a pulling extension

Belgium play in Kuwait this Friday and against Egypt (4pm Belgium), their only friendly before next Wednesday’s World Cup against Canada. We’re almost there.

What is not progressing so quickly, however, is the status of talks about a contract extension for Roberto Martinez, who will be at the end of his lease after the World Cup. While various signals over the past few weeks have indicated that a possible extension is on the agenda, Jesse De Preter, the Spanish technician’s lawyer, expressed at least some impatience.

7.TEACHING | The principle of “double immersion” validated

Fighting teacher shortages, immersive learning, class size: the Board of Education decided some hot issues.

8th.SPORTS | Our advisors say World Cup foreword: “If the Devils go to the quarterfinals, it will be very good”

After slipping into the manager’s shoes, Alex Teklak, Jérémy Taravel and Thomas Chatelle have found their more natural habitat by analyzing the Devils’ ambitions. In a nutshell: distrust of this first round, which was unanimously described as delicate.

9.REGIONS | Laubenwoche: Plumage, Travel and Pictures

Serge Sorbi is a Tengmalm Owl Specialist. One species among others that he will present to the general public during Tree Week.

Small stone birds on the window sill, another glued to the glass so the real ones don’t crash in, a birdhouse hanging near the porch, dozens of reference books on a shelf: that’s for sure when you enter Serge Sorbi, In Meeffe you know, you feel like you are in a bird lover’s home. An interest that comes from the time of his secondary studies at Saint-Roch Ferrières, where there was an ornithological group. “But even as a child I was fascinated by life in the forest, Davy Crockett, trappers…” Then there are trips, first with the school, then at his side, to observe birds in their surroundings, to “hunt”. for certain species. So Serge Sorbi has visited the Camargue, a large part of the countries of Europe with a predilection for those of the North and Poland, Alaska, India (13 times!), Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya… As a guide and then as a guide. And animal photography has been imposed on him over time “to capture what we observe”.

10CULTURE | Why still read Proust today?

Unusually long and allegedly difficult, In Search of Lost Time is still being read a hundred years after its author’s death. Marcel Proust is undoubtedly the French writer (along with Céline) that we have written the most about. And In Search of Lost Time (1913-1927) is constantly being republished (today in paperback). But how are these thousand pages still relevant?

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