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The appliance of synthetic intelligence for on-line training

There are many online learning tools in the world that apply artificial intelligence to identify students’ emotions and level and provide appropriate training programs.

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The educational software can be adapted to the needs of the students.
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In a recent webinar, Education Technology: Solving Barriers in Online Learning Using Technology, technology and education professionals shared many interesting insights into the application of artificial intelligence (IA) to online learning.

“By recognizing the student’s emotions and level of concentration (e.g. a score from 1 to 10)the AI ​​can make an estimate and display these parameters. This allows teachers to take appropriate action.” said the dright Bùi Hai Hung, Director of VinAI (under Vingroup).

For his part, Nguyên Phan Dung, CEO of Clevai Math, pointed out that Amazon Rekognition makes it possible to identify eight types of emotions in students: Excitement, Sadness, Joy, Anger, Boredom or Surprise. …

In a test, he found that this technology greatly helps teachers in imparting knowledge and supporting their students. In addition, with the brainwave meter, they can also see whether the student is concentrating or not. It’s probably a tool with great potential.

Pham Nu Thanh Tu (an English teacher with a TikTok channel with over 110,000 followers) said in the webinar that many teachers are struggling due to the lack of training in online teaching. in the olden days “If you wanted to know if a student had a lack of knowledge, you just had to do a surprise test in class, but that becomes difficult with online teaching”.

“When I ask a student a question, I often have to wait for his answer. He studies his book or re-reads the passage in question. I find it difficult, if not impossible, to use the ‘normal’ method of online teaching” , explained You.

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The data used by AI can transform the way schools teach and support students.
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To fix this problem, she uses apps like Kahoot and Quizzes. They pose questions that students must answer directly in real time, with content and deadlines set by the teacher. Also, these apps can provide students with a fun dimension to learn while playing.

For example, Quizlet uses machine learning techniques and a large amount of data on over 64 topics. Depending on the topic, there are appropriate learning materials for each individual, adds Nguyên Phan Dung – CEO of Clevai Math.

Meanwhile, Van Dinh Hông Vu (a Stanford University master’s degree) mentioned Elsa, a famous AI-integrated English learning app. Based on the results of the last lesson and information from the lessons of the last two months, the app is able to suggest the next lesson through an advanced algorithm.

According to experts, China could currently become a leader in the use of artificial intelligence, despite the controversies that this technology is facing, especially on the issue of surveillance. In Vietnam, artificial intelligence is the hot new field. However, it requires more investment to improve the technology and train the necessary human resources.

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