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The benefits of distance studying

Accessible above Distance learning is enjoying growing popularity as an online platform. And the Covid-19 pandemic shouldn’t change that, quite the opposite. Combining online courses, video conferencing and corrected exercises, distance learning, thanks to e-learning methods, makes it possible to train from home. But what are the real benefits and how does it work?

Distance learning has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Through short but intensive training programs, students are trained efficiently and quickly for the degree of their choice. Whether it’s job hunting or retraining, this home-based learning method has many benefits, but it requires a lot of motivation.

What are the advantages of distance learning?

Distance learning offers many advantages that contribute to its great popularity. Indeed thanks to the development ofInternet and suchInternet and such Connected, it’s now easy to take online training courses. Here are the main benefits of distance learning:

  • it is open to everyone: whether employed, unemployed, student, disabled or school failure, distance learning is aimed at all profiles;
  • Distance learning allows you to organize your study time as you see fit: online courses are made available on a platform where you can connect at any time. When you are an employee, you cannot choose between work and education. You can follow your online training from home after your working hours. This offers more flexibility and makes it easier to combine work and private life;
  • the courses remain supervised: even if the solo study requires great motivation and rigor, distance learning offers a follow-up via chat, email or telephone, which allows the connection between the student and the training organization to be maintained;
  • Distance learning allows you to get recognized diplomas without having to move: The great advantage of distance learning is that it is done from home. You don’t have to move to another city or country to take courses on a campus;
  • it can be financed by his company or by a public organization such as Pôle Emploi.

How does distance learning work?

The training courses in DigitalDigital Learning is provided by public or private training organizations. Enrollment is generally open all year round and courses are offered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Students have access to courses in PDF or paper as well as videos or tutorialstutorials Online, available above a computercomputera tablettablet or a laptop. Exercises are also sent by the trainers and corrected in return. If you are doing distance learning to obtain a diploma or professional title, choose a training organization that is subject to state pedagogical control, such as Educatel. This guarantees you courses similar to national benchmarks or also guarantees you a diploma recognized in the labor market.

Why take distance learning?

Thanks to the development of new technologies, it is now possible to train remotely, wherever and whenever you want. This offers new perspectives, be it in the context of professional retraining, the acquisition of dual skills or to start your professional life. Practical and flexible, distance learning makes it easier to get started and guarantees year-round educational continuity. In these times of the pandemic, distance learning allows you to continue your education without fear of campus closures or exam cancellations. Career starters can also train stress-free from home in a familiar working environment.

Article written in collaboration with Eductel.

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