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The Breton Folks Journal. A really complete November problem!

Support the writing of Breton people, buy the November 2022 magazine! On the front page of this No. 706, a file dedicated to the Breton language: 6 pages to present an inventory of Breton – its practice and teaching – while in the spring a new agreement was signed between State and Region and that was the beginning of School year 2022/2023 enables the balancing.

Rozenn Milin, Doctor of Literature © DR

Guest of the month is Rozenn Milin, who has just successfully presented her sociology diploma thesis, which shows, among other things, that the “linguistic suicide” of the Bretons was neither voluntary nor serene : Psychological violence, which still feeds the debates today, is in fact the result of a desire reaffirmed by France to eradicate languages ​​other than French. She has collected almost 800 testimonies in Brittany, but also in Senegal and other countries, proving that this policy of the state and in particular of the national education system has humiliated entire generations of school children.

Katell Chantreau, PhD in Education and Training © DR

Another thesis, just as important: that of Katell Chantreau the transmission of the Breton language in families. On 430 pages she reports on her study of today’s Brittophone families, their relationship to the language and their practices of passing the language on to their children – or not. And she suggests 10 actions for politicians to encourage this transmission. Two pages of interview collected by Maxime Touzé.

The role of the school in the 21st centurye Century in Brittany is therefore essential. Alan ar Gal analyzed for The Breton people the numbers for the start of the 2022 school year in the three networks Diwan, Divyezh (public school) and Divaskell (Catholic school). Progress is weak; the goal of 20,000 bilingual students has not yet been reached. The agreement signed this year between the state and the Brittany region therefore gives hope for a change in size. But for that problem of teacher recruitment should be solved by public education and by Catholic education. All figures can be found in our November issue.

Also read: the Breton review of the Pobl Vreizh section of this November issue.

Four pages of articles in Breton!

Exactly, the Breton language is in the family, at school… and then at work! Our letter also writes in Breton: the proof with ours monthly notebook Pobl Vreizh, for beginners or experienced Bretons. Paper articles in addition to our online articles. This month we talk about, among other things Breton identity abroad or some The connections of the new king Charles III. to Welsh. Without forgetting the literary part and at the end of the magazine the Breton lesson this month’s theme is Fake Friends!

Also summarized…

In this magazine you will find out what we owe Loiz Ropars. While festoù-noz celebrates 10 years of inclusion in the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage, an article in Breton tells the role he had in the history of dance and can ha diskan in Brittany. But Loeiz Ropars is also one of those for whom the connection between culture and ecology in Brittany is a matter of course: read the double page written by Léandre Mandard and our partner Linienn Istor Breizh on his fight against consolidation and level embankments.

Also summarizing theUncertainty in the cities of Brittanya report of the last regional council of Brittany, seen by the elected representatives of the opposition of the Breton Democratic Union and Together in our territories, two-page interview with Sébastien Musset, who runs a real one Conversion of the former Pont-Scorff zoo (also read: Terres de Nataé, a new animal park model in Brittany) and an analysis of new political landscape in Quebec after the provincial elections and the overwhelming majority of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ).

Denise Maréchal, Editor at Breton people ©DR

Also read the article “You will be a man, my son”, in which Denise Maréchal invites us to take a step back deconstruct the clichés ascribed here to the female gender, there to the male genderto monitor our behavior in society (read also the June magazine entitled A Breton matriarchy? »). She shares her thoughts with us, quizzes the reader and bets on one Cross-review of two books: The Cost of Manhoodby historian Lucile Peytavin, and futureby journalist Lauren Bastide. Result, a double page full of answers that you don’t necessarily expect!

Finally, to end or begin – to each his own – short messages and the Chronicle of the economist Yann Fiévet this time amused by Macron’s speeches about sovereignty and sobriety. And still four pages literary and musical departmentsincluding one Interview with Didier Squiban (also read: “Symphonie du Ponant”, the event album that closes Didier Squiban’s trilogy) and an article about the work of the journalist Frédéric Bertocchini for Popularizing the history of Corsica. We tell you, this November issue is very complete, good reading!

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