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The Citizen Engagement Account shouldn’t be anticipated to take off in 2023 | ESS, employment, coaching, integration and plenty of different issues. | Michael Abherve

We continue to follow the hearing Marlene SchiappaState Secretary for Social and Solidarity Economy and Club Life and Sarah El HairyUndersecretary for Youth and Universal National Service of the Senate Committee on Culture, Education and Communications.

After the SNU (see The SNU: Only one thing is certain, it will not be generalized as it stands) and the Citizen Service (see Citizen Service: The gap between the very favorable speech and credit is increasing less than inflation), we discuss the topic of C.E.CCitizen Engagement Account

Marlene SchiappaState Secretary to the Prime Minister, responsible for the social and solidarity economy and club life

we find the Citizen Commitment Account (CEC), which contributes to lifelong learning and the goal of full employment. It is about evaluating the commitment in credits on the personal training account (CPF) by justifying the hours of volunteer work, which are themselves certified by an official of the association. On November 3rd, the Minister of the Interior signed a decree allowing the 200,000 volunteer firefighters in our country to assert their commitment through the CEC.

Jacques-Bernard MagnerPS Senator from Puy-de-Dôme, rapporteur for credits for youth and community life

Citizen Engagement Account balances range from 15 to 6 million euros, is it because this device is not working?

Marlene Schiappa

The credits have not all been spent on the citizen commitment account. This device must be known. It is possible to value the obligation registered in the CPF at 240 euros per year, with a ceiling of 720 euros. We will see in the Tour de France of volunteering whether the three established conditions are relevant – the existence of the federation for three years, volunteering for a year, the threshold of 100 hours in the same federation that can go against young people in join several clubs. We have simplified the procedures with the decree of November 5 and will discuss the advisability of continuing to do so during the volunteer tour of France. However, the budget of the CEC for the next year seems to me to be well calculated.

Claude Kerncentrist senator from Bas-Rhin

The civic engagement account sees its credit not being exhausted, the endowment capital decreases; Have you assessed the impact on volunteering? The Court of Auditors proposes to do without it, what do you think?

One might get the impression that in 2023 the CEC will not be anything other than a very virtual pillar of the CPA, the Personal Activity Account and an untapped budget line

See on this topic

08/12/2020 In 2019, the advance performance of the compulsory military service was financed with the credit provided from the civil obligation account

06/20/2019 Unanimous support in the National Assembly for the Citizen Engagement Account, but we still don’t know why the hours listed were under-monetized

06/19/2019 The National Assembly adopts a resolution calling on the government to continue and intensify its efforts in favor of an ambitious policy of civic engagement

On 12/30/2018 For the citizen commitment account, the further training hour is only valued at 12 euros

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