The College of Orléans raises consciousness of violence towards girls

On the occasion of the day of the fight against violence against women, the University of Orléans and its department for equality and quality of life at work intervene in Bouillon with a very nice photo exhibition, GO WOMEN , directed by Amandine Leroy. This event is part of the cell’s longstanding work on campus.

By Bernard Cassat

Amandine Leroy in front of some of her photos in the Le Bouillon hall. Photo BC

In 2017, the University of Orléans set up a cell dedicated to violence and equality before a law made it mandatory. This is recalled by Didier Chavrier, vice-president of the university attached to this unit “Approximately thirty problems are reported to us a year. They can range from sexual or non-sexual assaults between students or not, to problems students encounter in their families. In function we offer different types of support, psychological, medical and legal. Filing a complaint, for example a very cumbersome process, is better experienced after preparation. » In terms of legal follow-up, the university is also assisted by associations whose specialty is, for example, France Victime 45.

But the cell also develops an important activity in information, i.e. in prevention. On several levels. It trains employees in all branches of the university, teachers, but also the canteen, library, sports staff, etc. And with students, it carries out awareness-raising actions through posters or various animations. For example, last week, at the end of class, there was a theatrical performance in the amphitheaters. The public was there, so the scope of this type of intervention is very large.

GO WOMEN, tender photos about violence

And of course, November 25th, the international day for the fight against violence against women, is an opportunity to show a photo exhibition surrounded by awareness plaques in the Hall of Bouillon, the theater on campus. Didier Chavrier drew on the work of Amandine Leroy, a young photographer from Clermont-Ferrand. She had already done this series of sober black and white shots for her city’s town hall and played great with the gray tones of the skin of her models, all her friends. Having experienced traumatic violence herself, she wanted to address this issue in this exhibition, which she called GO WOMEN. She writes sentences and slogans on naked but modest bodies. And it wears.

A sequence experienced by visitors in virtual reality. Photo BC

A virtual reality workshop rounds off this exhibition. With a special mask, headphones and a zapette, you literally experience a sequence that brings together multiple sexual violence. Not necessarily physically, even if it goes that far. But in the reflections, the language, the “puns”, which in fact go very far in the denial of the other and in the intolerance that becomes defamatory. This very current technique hits hard as the spectator is involved. In addition, committees remind people of the legal basis for tolerance. With interesting tools, including a “Violence Meter”, a kind of scale of violence.

This exhibition extends well beyond November 25th. It will remain in Bouillon until December 2, when it will circulate in the University of Orleans satellites.

And many more interventions of the cell take place up to the holidays. Although academic, they are obviously aimed at anyone interested. The entire program on the website

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