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The Customized Help Plan (PAP): Implementation

Through Charlotte Beidon November 21, 2022

Personalized support plan: what is it and for which students?

The Personalized Support Plan is designed for students with learning disabilities who need classroom adjustments so they can continue their education with peace of mind.

The personalized support plan for children and young people with learning difficulties. These are better known as “dys disorders” and lead to Difficulty reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking, or concentrating.

The aim of the PAP

As mentioned earlier, national education is PAP an educational support system for students who are experiencing academic difficulties due to one or more learning disabilities . These are often referred to as “dys”. It is :

  • Dyslexia (specific learning disorder with reading difficulties)
  • Dysorthography (specific learning disorder with deficit in written expression)
  • Dyscalculia (specific learning disorder with arithmetic deficit)
  • Dysphasia (oral speech disorder)
  • Dyspraxia (coordination disorder)
  • Dysgraphia (handwriting disorder)
  • Attention deficits with or without hyperactivity (ADHD or ADD)

Good to know : alone children without disabilitieswhether affected by PAP sensory (vision, hearing, etc.), psychiatric or neurological.

The personalized support plan organizes the necessary adjustments and adjustments so that the child or young person can continue their school career under the best possible conditions. PAP can be set up from kindergarten to high school.

Good to know : the pap replaces the old PAI dys which no longer exists.

What the Personalized Coaching Plan is NOT

The PAP is not suitable for several types of children:

  • Students whose learning disabilities are the result of a disability within the scope of the MDPH.
  • Students who need special teaching materials, exemption from certain activities or human support.
  • Students with open rights in relation to disability, whether in the school setting or not.

For all these children and young people You need to move toward a PPS(Personalized school project).

Additionally, the PAP is not a “mandatory pass” prior to referral to the MDPH . There is therefore no need to create an individual support plan with the teaching team if the child requires PPS.

The implementation of the personalized support plan takes place in several phases, ranging from the examination of the student by a doctor to the implementation of the document detailing the adjustments required for the student.

The procedure for establishing the national educational PAP

The school is PAP usually proposed by the class council or the teacher council when the teaching staff identifies a student in difficulty. However, if you think your child needs it, you can definitely request it.

Good to know : the Personalized Support Plan can be carried out at any time during the school yearfrom kindergarten to high school, also during the year.

First step: an examination by the state school doctor. Attention is drawn to the learning disabilities of the child or young person. If necessary, he can also have psychological and paramedical reports drawn up. In view of these results, she will comment on the relevance of a PAP.

Second step: Creation of the individual support plan. You will be accompanied by the educational team and the healthcare professionals concerned. Together you fill out an official document detailing the school arrangements and adjustments needed to ensure your child can follow their school years in the best possible conditions.

Third step: the implementation of the PAP. This mission is carried out by your child’s teachers. When your son or daughter is in middle school or high school, the main teacher takes on the role of coordinator between the different teachers.

Good to know : the school pap is too a tracking tool. If your child changes schools (particularly if you change secondary schools or universities), the teachers are responsible for the transfer.

Fourth step: the annual assessment of the recommended developments. Every year, the PAP is revised according to your child’s progress, so that it is always perfectly adapted to their needs.

Focus on the personalized student follow-up support plan document

The PAP document is the main document of your child’s Personal Support Plan. As we just saw above, it is introduces the adjustments and adjustments set up so that your son or daughter can follow school in peace. Every year it is updated and enrichedto always meet their needs and the requirements of the different cycles from kindergarten to high school.

In order to facilitate the continuity and follow-up of regulations, especially when changing schools, the PAP is a standardized document. So that’s why it has to be created in accordance with the official model of the personalized support plan .

In this document you will find 4 specific sheets for each of your child’s school cycles:

  • For kindergarten
  • For elementary school
  • For the University
  • For high school

You will also have available a (non-exhaustive) list of possible adjustments and arrangements.

Our tip: do not tick too many points! Many parents who want the best for their children fall into this trap. On the contrary, it’s better Focus on the ones that are most effective on a daily basis and which can be continued throughout the school year. The teaching staff can guide you and recommend what is most relevant.

A concrete example of school PAP with Paula — 7 ½ years old

This example is from the guide Meeting the Special Educational Needs of Students: Which Plan for Whom? published by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. It allows you to see specifically what a PAP is.

Paula, 7 ½ years old, is in the first grade.She loves school, though has trouble reading . She reverses the sounds, forgets certain words. Writing is also a problem : She confuses certain letters, forgets others. It was the teacher who took the lead and, accompanied by the school doctor, contacted the parents to offer them Verification with several health professionals : a speech therapist and a psychomotor therapist.

In view of the results achieved, the state school doctor states Paula’s difficulties stem from learning difficulties : The little girl suffers from dyslexia and dysthography. A personalized support plan is therefore the solutionso that she can continue to go to school.

After consultation with the speech therapist The mistress will adapt her way of working with Paula . Specifically, she will provide the little girl with reading and poetry texts in Arial 18 font, 1.5 line spacing, with every other line underlined. Before making an adjustment, she tells Paula’s parents about it and writes it in the PAP document.

At the end of the school year, the educational team meets and a report is madeto find out if it makes sense to continue the PAP from the following school year start and if an adjustment is needed.

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