The European College and that of Moncton are companions within the change and mobility of their college students

On November 16, 2022, a partnership agreement was signed between the University of Moncton Canada, represented by its Rector and Vice-Chancellor Denis Prud’homme, and the European University of Tunis, represented by its President Abderraouf Tébourbi, as part of the implementation of actions for development of programs of common interest in education and research, thereby contributing to strengthening Canada-Tunisian relations in the field of education.

The partnership between the University of Moncton Canada and the European University of Tunis consists in the development of exchanges and student mobility between the two institutions, the exchange of research professors, the development and implementation of common research topics, the joint organization of conferences and seminars, the exchange of information, publications and scientific research documents within the framework of CRUET, research center of the European University of Tunis.

Following the example of the President of the Group of the European University of Tunis, Abderraouf Tebourbi, the Minister in charge of Francophonie, the Rector and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Moncton spoke successively to the students of the European University of Tunis on the bilateral cooperation between the two institutions and Future prospects related to the renewal of the partnership between the two institutions and the development of exchange and cooperation programs.

European and international recognition

The European University of Tunis has more than 70 partners on all five continents. The European University of Tunis Group strives for excellence through partnerships on five continents with world-renowned schools and universities. UET has the 1st new generation smart campus in Tunisia. It is a “unique and pilot concept in Tunisia, thanks to active and interactive spaces, a high-tech, digital and connected environment, adapted to the new challenges of education and employability of young people”. Everything to make it “a real hub for the Maghreb, the Mediterranean and Africa and a lever for educational development”.

According to Abderraouf Tébourbi, the Tunisian student who wants to spend a university year abroad has a choice in terms of mobility thanks to the 70 partners around the world. “We already have 10 students at Université de Moncton and expect to welcome Canadian students to our university very soon,” he said.

Youth at the heart of the action

Glen Savoie, Minister for Francophonie, expressed his “excitement” at having the chance to welcome students to Canada. “We have a severe labor shortage in Canada and the opportunity to attract Tunisian students who are also willing to enter the Canadian system because they are very talented can only be beneficial. For her part, Isabelle Doucet, in her capacity as personal representative of the Canadian Prime Minister, assured that this partnership will make it possible to follow everything that represents Francophonie, namely the French language, cooperation, diversity, mobility, etc. “Everything that concerns young people, is our priority,” she said.

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