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The Financial Inclusion Summit returns on November twenty ninth

After a strong first edition of 7,500 visitors gathered to talk about theeconomic inclusion young people from different backgrounds, the Economic Inclusion Summit returns to Bercy on November 29 from 9am. This year, this day will be fully dedicated to diversity as a growth accelerator for business and an inclusive dynamic EU in our society.

Trade with IMPACT

With the aim of broad mobilization and to further promote the economic integration of young people into the economy, the Mozaïk Foundation has launched the 2022 edition of its summit under the banner “derA HIT », which is threefold: going beyond its commitments to effectively push the boundaries, caring massively, and co-creating the solutions that will participate in the advancement of the society of its aspirations.

“If our economy is not inclusive, then our society is exclusive. This new edition of the Economic Inclusion Summit will once again be a tremendous catalyst for best practice, an accelerator for lasting change, a source of concrete solutions for companies as well as for candidates and entrepreneurs. November 29 will have a real and lasting impact on economic inclusion in France,” said Saïd Hammouche, Founding President of the Mozaïk Foundation.

Youth employment in focus

During this event, young people can exchange ideas with talents who have previously been accompanied by the Mozaïk Personal Foundation to provide information on the qualities to be proposed for recruitment, to take part in practical workshops and to meet the Summit’s partner companies in a huge on-site recruitment forum.

“Also, all young talents looking for a job are encouraged to register on the platform Mozaïk Talents employment, a new portal for applicants launched to coincide with the summit. More than 3,600 posts with 25 major French and international groups, media and summit partner ministries are already available on this platform! », remembers the founding president of the Mozaïk Foundation.

The Mozaïk Talents Emploi platform allows young talents to join the pool of jobseekers, to better highlight their skills thanks to the free coaching provided by the Mozaïk RH Foundation and to consult the vacancies published online by companies.

“In the long term, our goal is to encourage all companies looking for talent, especially in sectors under pressure (hospitality, hospitality, digital, engineering, consulting and events, etc.) to register on the platform,” continues Saïd Hammouche away.


  1. Exchanges between business leaders and ministers :
      • Inclusion and Diversity, What If Investors Grabbed Them?
      • Why make diversity and inclusion an essential part of a company’s strategic plan?
      • Measure to make progress and increase your impact: How do you find the right tools to measure and assess diversity and inclusion?
      • The state at the front
      • Territories and SMEs facing the challenge of inclusive recruitment
      • Access to entrepreneurship: for a win-win deal
  1. That first edition oneGiant Hackathon, #Let’s Talk Equal Opportunitywhich brings together companies, associations, students and politicians to think together and act with impact on this issue, open for a month from October 29th.
  2. Of practical workshops to make progress together on diversity, especially in the education sector, while the Ministry of National Education has put online the Indices of Social Position (IPS) of French schools and colleges.
  3. Of met between CEOs of the companies present and the best talent from diversity to talk about these topics.
  4. A application forum committed companies, open to all participating young people and schools.
  5. A Neighborhood Tontine worthwhile projects run by entrepreneurs from the territories, giving entrepreneurs a real boost with the help of foundations…

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