The good entry of the Picardy language into the college

Her appetite for the regional language of Picardy was well established. Since October, the fifteen students, most of them already first degree or secondary school teachers, have been part of the future first promotion of the Picard University Diploma (DU), training in two years, at the University of Picardy Jules-Verne. There is also a partnership with the Academic School in Continuing Education.

The candidates to teach Picard in schools and voluntary colleges in Hauts-de-France are currently mostly women from the Amiens Academy, but the Lille Academy is also represented. Some trainees traveled to Amiens from Montreuil in the Pas-de-Calais or from Hirson in the north of the Aisne. This new university education is supported by the two rectorates, in continuity with the state recognition of the regional language at the end of 2021. ” The speed with which this DU was introduced is also noteworthy. Even if we have been waiting for a ministerial nod in Picardy for years », emphasizes Jean-Michel Éloy, professor emeritus of linguistics and scientific and pedagogical director of the training.

Overcome prejudices and relax

Picard was already offered as an option for language students, now with this DU we offer content of high scientific quality and for didactic purposes with teaching methods for future teachers of the subject ‘, continues Véronique Dominguez-Guillaume, UFR Dean of Letters, Professor and Training Manager.

Volunteer trainees attend eight three-hour classes each year on Wednesday afternoons and two full six-hour days during school holidays. The fourth course, Wednesday 16th November, was held by Lille resident Alain Dawson, PhD in linguistics and specialist in phonology.

Learning Picard and then passing it on means first of all uninhibiting yourself before a long-ridiculed regional language. How many people understand Picard and, above all, claim that they do not speak it as if we pinch our noses … progressively with a certain contempt. ” The scientific approach and the distancing make it possible to clear up some prejudices against this language », Supports Véronique Dominguez-Guillaume.

Véronique Dominguez, UFR Dean of Letters and Head of Training in Picard.  (Photo Manon Cruz)
Véronique Dominguez, UFR Dean of Letters and Head of Training in Picard. (Photo Manon Cruz) – ICC

The Picard Daily Lesson first addresses the history of the regional language before spelling. And teacher Alain Dawson begins his demonstration by presenting a 9th-century text made up of several Picardian phrases and words, such as niule cose (zero cause) and diaule for devil. ” The first writings in Picard are translations of graphic habits into Latin ‘ explains the professor.

The youngest of the students, Élea Laine, librarian, testifies to her interest in this apprenticeship. ” I discovered the Picard option in a bachelor’s degree in letters and am already running an option in my 6th year at Jules Ferry College in Conty. I want to improve my teaching “says the young woman of 22 years.

DU Picardy language (2)

The “dean” of the group is Claude Morey, a 61-year-old retired RATP living in Pontarmé (Oise) south of Senlis. ” My family is from Villers-Bocage and as a child I spent my holidays with my maternal grandparents in the 1960s. My grandfather spoke Picard and I loved it. I would like to expand my knowledge, share our regional language with my grandchildren and my friends ‘ says Claude Morey.

The general appreciation of the regional language is sometimes scoffed at: ” we will definitely take a step if we stop systematically laughing at Picard says dr dawson Bright-eyed, Claude thinks of his grandfather and promises to read the story of the Big Bad Wolf in Picard to his granddaughter to continue the family transmission.

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