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The introduced abolition of house education scandalizes households

To stem the slow progress of school dropouts, Emmanuel Macron announced on Friday, during his speech in Les Mureaux, the imminent end of home schooling unless medically justified. Chloe Sharrock / Le Pictorium/Le Pictorium/Maxppp

About 50,000 children are currently home schooled, half of them for medical reasons.

It is a shocking announcement that has angered the families concerned. Among the measures of the law on separatism, the obligation to study at school will appear, apart from exceptions. This limiting national choice is already that of Germany, Croatia, Greece and Spain. The measure concerns 50,000 French children currently educated at home. The sick or disabled, who represent half of this workforce, will be able to continue this form of education. Like children of homeless families and high-level athletes, specifies the Ministry of Education. Will other exemptions follow? This will be the subject of debates, of course fierce, before the Parliament.

This marginal mode of education concerns only 0.4% of the 12.4 million school-aged children, but it is steadily increasing: 35,000 in 2017, 41,000 in 2019 and 50,000 in 2020. The government is closely monitoring this movement and has called for more checks strong 2019.

Co-president of the Laia association, Alix Fourest, who raised her two children at home in Toulouse, is surprised with “the radicality of the mass“. “We knew that Emmanuel Macron would speak for us and we expected another turn. But a complete ban, no!she asks. She believes that with this announcement the president “break a fly with a hammer“because families who make this choice for reasons of religious separatism are”extremely minority“.

In February 2020, Jean-Michel Blanquer had mentioned “from 2,000 to 3,000 youth situations that may pose a problem“. These children out of schoolgo to undeclared structures“, assured Emmanuel Macron,with women in niqab welcoming them, prayers, certain courses, this is their teaching“.

The president of the association Create your school, expert in the field of free education, Anne Coffinier “wait to see the text“:”Homeschooling will no longer be an automatic right. You will have to justify yourself. But it may look like a gas plant“, she predicts, anticipating an explosion of medical certificates of convenience provided by parents. “All families will have good reasons to move forward. What to say, for example, to those who live in the countryside, far from any school? Or to those whose children are failing or suffering in school?“On social networks, other parents refuse”a measure which once again limits individual freedoms“. This announcement rather appeals to the pedagogical staff because “school is a source of equality. And among these families, unfortunately, we observe sectarian excesses“, notes Guislaine David of Snuipp-Fsu.

According to the government, the Constitutional Council has never decided that home education was a component of the freedom of education. “This freedom is understood as the freedom to choose public, private education with or without a contract. But not homeschooling“, we assure. However, parents can rely on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) according to lawyer Valérie Piau, specialist in school law. In 1982, the ECtHR referred to “the freedom to organize teaching and choose education outside the school structure…about a young English victim of corporal punishment at school.

The motivations of families who choose homeschooling are varied and often multiple. Their child may be a victim of bullying, school phobia. Without being disabled, he can be a failure, maladjusted. Others consider themselves more effective than National Education. They sometimes want to create a special Montessori-type pedagogy.

Religious motives

Some want a beatingquiet, close to naturefor their children. Finally, some families have a religious motivation, given that the school system is not very respectful of their beliefs. Banning the veil in school, for example, encourages Muslim families to keep their children. “There are also anti-vaccines, vegans, loners who reject society or follow a certain diet. Most parents are serious. Others are folkloric, even disturbing. When religion takes up more space than math and French lessons, for example, we are alarmed. But it is not easy to seeSays an inspector responsible for checks. All the more so that 5% of families, according to an inspector from the north of France, are ” impossible to achieve. When we want to check them, we find the door closed. Or they pass the time by moving“. Home education associations also notice this year a special attraction related to the fear of Covid-19. Some parents were won over during the isolation and wanted to expand the experience. Or refuse the obligation to wear a mask at school…

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