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The Luxurious Hotelschool: the administration college specialised on the planet of luxurious!

When did your parents have the idea for this project, what was the trigger?

My parents met in hotel management school and both have been teaching since the early 80s. In my family, and as long as I can remember, we have talked about school. The idea has always been to create the French Lausanne, but specialized in luxury hotels. We have always been primarily interested in locks.

Why did you decide to take on this project and get involved?

I have a sister and she is the executive director of the ESSEC alumni association, we are all in training. It was natural for one of us to pick up the torch. I’ve always been most sensitive to luxury and big hotels. When I was little and we were going on vacation, my dad put the Michelin guide in my car to find out where we were going to stop. Very young I knew the meaning of the towers and the Michelin stars by heart.

What was the most significant moment since the Luxury Hotelschool was founded?

In 2019 we signed a partnership with EHL Hospitality Business School, the Lausanne hotel management school. It’s important to us because EHL brings global recognition to our students, which goes well with the prestige of the luxury hotel school in the field of luxury.

You decided to have a very small number of students (about 200 students), why this decision?

This strong limited staff choice is guided by our desireoffer each of our students personalized attention throughout their course at the school. Also because we develop in small groups, we can offer our students an authentic luxury experience, especially on the occasion of the Une Nuit au Palace program. The close relationship between students, teachers and administration is one of the pillars of our success.

What are the different admission routes to attend Luxury Hotelschool Paris?

  • The students can enter the luxury hotel school after graduation and first obtain the VET by EHL (Lausanne) diploma in two years and then in the third year the Bachelor of Hotel Management registered with the RNCP. They can also go straight into the third year if they have a bac+2 in a related discipline.
  • Students who want to complete their studies part-time can earn the same bachelor’s degree with an apprenticeship contract in a company in the sector: a program of 4 days per week in the company and 1 study day with face-to-face, distance and online courses.
  • Finally, the 100% online bachelor’s degree is accessible with a bac+2 in a related discipline or work experience. It’s an eligible program like the CPF on my training account. It can also be supported by the employer of employees who want to develop professionally. The bachelor’s degree is then prepared in eight months with a mixed training course consisting of zoom lessons and individual work.

What programs are offered at your school?

  • The VET by EHL diploma issued by the EHL Hospitality Business School (Lausanne)
  • Our Bachelor of Operational Management in Luxury Hotels RNCP (France)
  • The online MBA in partnership with the University of Derby (UK)

What distinguishes your school from more “traditional” management schools?

Above all, the focus on the hotel industry, luxury and the international scene thanks to our academic partnerships. At Luxury Hotelschool we train responsible managers, sensitive to CSR and team wellbeing, both for the hospitality industry and for luxury in general. The executives and managers of the largest establishments and hotel groups meet with our students throughout the year to share their vision, best practices and current and future trends. The number of students at the school and the luxurious range of experiences, such as a night in the palace, are also exceptional.

In your opinion, what are the requirements for a career in the world of luxury?

friendliness and demand. These two inseparable values, inherent in the world of luxury, are inculcated throughout their studies at school. You also need a certain familiarity with the world of luxury and its codes, a little je ne sais quoi, as the Anglo-Saxons say.

What does the future of the Luxury Hotelschool look like in the coming years?

We designed our online bachelor’s program to help managers around the world balance the demands needed to lead a team and the goodwill essential to leading people. We implement the program in French and English and that requires constant innovation at pedagogical and technological levels, it’s exciting.

The last word?

France is the country of tourism and luxury, so luxury hospitality is a smart career choice for young people today.

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