The OIIQ Badge of Benefit 2022 is awarded to a professor from the Université de Montréal

The Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) presented its 2022 Badge of Merit to Professor Sylvie Dubois at its Annual Congress held on November 22 at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal increasing the reputation of the profession in areas such as teaching, research or social and societal commitment.

Sylvie Dubois, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the Université de Montréal, has had a major impact on the healthcare sector. Whether as a clinician, educator, researcher or manager, her contributions have supported the transformation of nursing practice in Quebec. From 2016 to 2020, during her tenure as National Director of Nursing and Services at the Directorate-General for University, Medical, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Affairs of the Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS), she worked among other things on enhancing the role of specialist nurses and of Nursing Specialists, notably through their involvement in drafting the bill amending the Quebec Nurses Act. In addition to chairing several provincial committees, she collaborated on dossiers on interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration and managed those on the organization of nursing, palliative and terminal care and nursing staff. “The contribution of nurses to the health care of the population is crucial,” she emphasizes. Not only are they pillars of the care team, but they also provide access to the care and services needed by the clientele. There is still a long way to go to respond to Minister Christian Dubé’s health plan, but their contribution remains undeniable.

His reputation has allowed him to participate in numerous committees and research projects in Quebec. His collaboration has not only led to the establishment of new practices in the various fields of healthcare, but also helped to advance knowledge in pedagogy and clinical intervention. As a member of the Quebec Nursing Intervention Research Network (RRISIQ), she also sat on its board and served as director of the MSSS as senior advisor to align RRISIQ research with the development of the strategic plan to highlight ministerial priorities in Quebec’s health sector and support its funding.

At the UdeM, she made a significant contribution to the training of the next generation of nursing staff. At bachelor’s and master’s level, she designed courses, particularly on nursing leadership and the first course in digital format at the faculty, a very innovative project at the time. As a mentor to several professors, she now sees her teaching being taken up by several of them in order to better support the student body in applying the knowledge they have acquired. “The next generation of students is our future and we need to be role models for them, equipping them for exemplary mentoring, inspiring them to be better and encouraging them to surpass ourselves,” she concludes.

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