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the query of the regulatory challenges of the capital markets in Douala

“Capital Markets in Central Africa: Levers for Growth and Integration”. This is the theme of the symposium that the City of Douala is hosting on November 23rd. The aim here is to relate the economic subjects with capital surplus and financing needs in order to make the participants in the capital markets (financial and monetary) more interactive in CEMAC. In fact, this space is a framework for collaboration between the various financial professionals who, in turn, will help educate and protect investors. Among other stakeholders are the Ministries (of Economy and Finance, ICT of each CEMAC member country), the regulated organizations, the financial sector regulators, the rating agencies, the companies (listed, management and brokerage, the UCITS management company, asset management and risk management companies, etc ., microfinance and banking organizations, etc.

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This meeting will be punctuated by conferences and debates dealing in particular with the emergence of markets. On this occasion, a symposium on the development of the CEMAC financial market will be chaired by the Director General (DG) of the Central African Stock Exchange (Bvmac), Louis Banga Ntolo. This topic will give rise to discussions on the issue of fears of regulatory challenges and investor protection. Various opinions from experts, including the Director of Asset Management at the Central African Market Surveillance Commission (Cosumaf) Daniel Keuffi, Aurélie Chazai (Managing Partner Cabinet Chazai), Wamba Eric Nguepnang (Manager Tax & Legal, Deloitte Cameroon)… will rank the participants on the above topic.

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In addition, discussions will be organized around the topic “Stimulating Attractiveness, Depth and Liquidity, a Great Challenge to Stimulate Markets”. The majority of the panel will be made up of members from the Association of Central African Portfolio Management Companies (Asgpac). Among others, the CEO of Upline Securities Central Africa (Usca) Michele Atangana, the CEO of Elite Capital Asset Management Cédric Dalle, the CEO of ASCA Asset Management, President of Asgpac Eugène Cisse.

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Also, we will put a limit on the thorny issue of public company listing to make the CEMAC stock market more dynamic. According to the online journal Droit Medias Finance, the topic of financial literacy will be the subject of a briefing by Willy Delort Heubo, Deputy General Manager, Financia Capital.

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