“The scenario on the college is just like the nation, particularly stuffed with uncertainties” (ANEB / Ouaga)

This is a back-to-school declaration from the National Association of Burkinabè Students Section of Ouagadougou (ANEB/ Ouaga).

fellow students and students,

What comes after this ad?

The return to public universities in Ouagadougou this year took place in a rather turbulent national context, marked by the emergence of a second coup in 8 months. This second coup is just a change in the policy continuity of the Patriotic Movement for Protection and Restoration (MPSR).

This MPSR2 continues the application of the injunctions of the Breton Wood institutions as international agreements are not called into question. Meanwhile, the security crisis is deepening. Terrorist attacks continue with their toll of civilian and military casualties and internally displaced persons (IDPs). This situation does not spare students, many of whom are now forced to remain in Ouaga, with the only alternative being to become internally displaced.

fellow students and students,

The situation at the university is typical of the country, so full of uncertainties. This academic year was formalized by a ceremony at Thomas SANKARA University (UTS) and a welcome message from the President of the University Joseph KI-ZERBO (UJKZ). But it’s clear that this return (which is also a rebound) is consistent with previous years.

Worse, it’s going back to school without the students, the classrooms are almost deserted. In the Psychology License 1 (L1) bac 2020, for example, an average of only 100 students out of 683 employees have taken part in courses since the resumption. Overall, the situation of the students has not improved. The administration’s zeal in pushing through anti-student academic and social reforms is remarkable.

on level academic, the great mess of academic overlaps and delays continues. This creates an indescribable chaos in which it is not always easy to find one’s way. Applying the new general study system, we see that some students repeat a year despite an average of more than 10/20 in the master’s due to the elimination grade of 7/20. This was the case in Master 1 Sociology, where 13 students are deferred.

As for the abandonment of promotions, after the UFR/SEA at UJKZ, it is the UFR/SEG at UTS that has to experience the painful consequences of its consequences. In the SEG, the baccalaureate promotions 2019 and 2020, which have grown in parallel since L1, will soon start L3 with 5 options each. L3 also started the 2018 Matura promotion in June 2022. So we will find ourselves with 15 options at the same time, with the same number of teachers, the same infrastructure. This is one of the perverse effects ANEB has denounced since the dropout began, specifically the multiplication of promotions.

The situation Social the student is not good either. In the university restaurant (UK)As was unfortunately rather common since the beginning of the reforms in 2018 (computerisation with the magnetic card, digitization with Digit’MESRI and now C’resto), this start of the school year was characterized by a conditional interruption to operations and a problem with the orange network.

The highlight came on Monday 24th October 2022 at dinner where there was no network in all Ouaga RUs. The level of FONERwhile we are actually on the 4the Session of the year 2021-2022 we are only at the 2e First. Worse, the authorities have chosen to exclude the vast majority of students, again excluding all those who do not have a certificate of enrollment for the 2021-2022 academic year, a certificate held only by bac promotions 2021 and some doctorates .

At the same time, it is the high school graduates in 2022, some of whom have already started school again, who will have to wait until at least March 2023 to hope for the first allowances. The problem of accomodation Students always occurs acutely. Despite strong demand and following the closure of the Chinese, Larlé and John Kennedy housing developments last year, the CENOU decided this year not to send students to the Kossodo University campus under the pretense of repairs.

So there are thousands of students who are threatened with high rental costs from dubious landlords and transport difficulties. For the move from Ouaga to UTS, the students continue to pay the highest price, that is, they give their lives. As a matter of fact, two female students were run over on the street on Monday, November 14, 2022. That is why we are asking for the number of buses to be increased, and at student expense, so that they can safely get to class.

About the stock exchangeaccentuates the plight of scholarship holders in master’s programs, where tuition costs are exorbitant, while the CIOSPB only covers them up to F300,000 for the literary and social sciences and F500,000 for the natural sciences.

on level infrastructuralthe nomadism of the students continues with the mention in the programming of courses space to be specified. Worse, promotions from SDS are required to go to IDS to take their courses. And when there are classrooms, it’s either the microphones not working or outright power problems. This was also the case at the UTS on October 28th during international law in lecture hall A3, where the lecturer had to interrupt his course.

Speaking of new bachelors, the connection required for registration at Joseph KI-ZERBO University (UJKZ) has become like a lottery. Despite the established program, we had to hope to have the chance and come across a day when the network exists. Otherwise, you’ll have to come back the next day and try your luck again. While students leave other cities to enroll and leave because they haven’t returned to school yet. Many students are not yet able to benefit from social work when it comes to support from the beginning of their class because they do not yet have a certificate of enrollment.

fellow students and students,

The situation described above means that many students no longer only worry about their studies, but also fight about the costs of their studies and social security contributions. This partly explains the lack of students in promotions in this recreation. All of this is not unrelated to the automated application of the LMD system and its variant, the new general study regulations, which result in massive failure rates, ever higher dropout rates and the dismissal of students.

fellow students and students,

In view of this situation, we have no choice but to organize ourselves more to demand better living and study conditions. Only with our commitment, our determination and our courage to fight can we ensure better living and study conditions and preserve our university for ourselves and future generations. Therefore, we call on all student comrades to mobilize and participate massively in the activities (GA, continuation of the struggle started last year, etc.) organized by ANEB.

ANEB Ouaga wishes everyone a good start and a speedy recovery and hopes that this year will be crowned with academic and social success.

For better living and study conditions, forward!

Long live ANEB Ouaga!

Long live UGEB!

Bread and freedom for the people

The Executive Committee


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