The Sorbonne College Basis helps the PREVENTIVE undertaking: participatory science on the service of breast most cancers prevention

A group of women exchange ideas

A group of women exchange ideas

A new platform for a better fight against breast cancer

True poor relative of medicine, Primary prevention of breast cancer would certainly reduce cancer incidence and promote early detection. Aware of these issues, three key players in the Sorbonne University Alliance – the University Institute of Cancerology-APHP.Sorbonne University, the National Museum of Natural History and the Biomedical Humanities Initiative – have decided to put the power of participatory science at the service of new science Breast Cancer Prevention Practices. The Sorbonne University Foundation supports this project through sponsorship.

Their goal: to create PREVENTIVE by 2024, an innovative platform for the joint creation of knowledge by and for womenwith the aim of identifying the levers and obstacles for the adoption of prevention plans and creating a community for the exchange of experiences … the originality is that it is aimed at all women who are not ill but feel at risk A risk calculation made by cancer specialists to develop breast cancer.

The goals of PREVENTIVE

The PREVENTIVE project has several goals:

  • Identify the levers and obstacles to adopting prevention plans (stress, lack of understanding, psychological blocks, etc.).
  • A… create Community to share experiences and knowledge for the prevention of cancer risks (diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption, tobacco, environment, etc.).
  • Experimenting with new ways to engage the community in cancer risk prevention.
  • Be a Support for medical and social research via the dissemination of knowledge among the participants and then in the longer term to the general public.

FinallyPREVENTIVE must therefore enable women to become real actors in their health initiatives, thanks to participatory scientific methods, in order to build up prevention skills.


An innovative project at the heart of participatory science

Innovation is at the heart of this project, which aims to achieve several long-term effects:

  • Develop through participatory science new citizen health practices.
  • Developing the role of women in promoting health through their participation in scientific and medical research.
  • Produce knowledge to assess the impact of the risk management and cancer platform.
  • Change our relationship to health sustainablyand in particular prevention through the adoption by the community of new behaviors that are beneficial for breast cancer as well as other types of cancer.

Supporting PREVENTIVE means putting women at the center of the prevention process and helping to make cancer screening more effective.


The project currently intends to revitalize a community of 300 women aged 18 to 50 who have already benefited from a consultation on personalized breast cancer risk assessment as part of the University Hospital’s Cancer Risk Management Platform, set up in 2018 at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, which allows gynecologists to offer their patients a personalized risk prevention plan (PPP). Access to the platform can be extended to new participants and other types of cancer in the long term.

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