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Every month, 55 million won users trust Canva to create dynamic presentations, relevant graphics, and even videos in just a few clicks.

Today it is the teachers who have taken it on. Canva Education lets you do that increase your teaching, which helps you prepare engaging lessons and activities for your students and facilitate collaborative teaching. Thousands of templates suitable for any subject, level or topic are offered and created for you interactive and immersive learning. And all that free.

Discover Canva Education

Canva Education, a must-have tool for teachers

You will not be able to do without it. Canva Education offers the benefits of Canva Pro… but with many more functions !

You don’t have to be a computer pro to use it properly. It’s a tool simple and intuitive to which you have access Thousands of ready-to-use and customizable lesson templates.

In fact, the platform has a very rich and varied librarythat provides you with presentation templates, images, videos and animations to create engaging lessons and activities.

Engage your students both online and in the classroom Share creative content and put collaboration at the heart of your courses. Rate their work and add feedback in the form of text or a fun and engaging visual sticker. Can go unleash all your creativityand you will feel the enthusiasm of your students around your lessons.

Also Canva Education easily integrates with all your learning tools. Don’t change your routine in any way as you can add Canva Education to your favorite learning platforms: like Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Canva or even Moodle.

Canvas Education

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A feature that is also very valuable for promoting interactivity: you have the option Invite your students or other teachers to participate in your projects or your “virtual classroom”. This can be done very intuitively by email or by directly sharing a link.

Because Canva Education is available for teachers from kindergarten through high school, note that your students under the age of 13 will need parental consent.

Discover Canva Education

How do I create my Canva Education account?

Want to jump into the Canva Education adventure? Nothing could be easier, just follow a few steps.

First of all, you must already have one Free Canva Account, or if not, you can easily create it with just a few clicks. Once your Canva account has been created, all you have to do is convert your “regular” account to a teacher account by going to the page dedicated to Canva Education.

You can check your eligibility directly and request activation of the teacher account. If your email address is recognized directly as that of an existing institution, you will have immediate access to it. However, Canva may ask you to verify some credentials to prove that you teach at an educational institution.

Once you’ve completed these few steps, Canva will approve your account and grant you access to all of Canva Education’s features. Then you have to Unleash your creativity and impress your students.

Discover Canva Education

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