The video of a pupil speaking about her precarious scenario reminds us that the scholarship system in France is on the finish of its rope

The video of Maëlle B. (who declined to give her name), a 20-year-old student at Sciences Po, has been viewed seven million times on the social network TikTok. On Monday, October 31, the young girl told in close-up the uncertainty she has felt since she saw the level of her scholarship, paid for by the Regional Center for University and School Work (Crous) of Paris, shrink. “How many hours do I have to work while studying to just be able to pay for my living? »she said in a sobbing voice.

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On the grounds that her parents have moved to Mayotte, where salaries are increasing taking into account the cost of living in the overseas departments, the Crous downgraded the student from level 4 to level 0 to 100 euros per month between the start of studies and today.

Opening an online kitty by Maëlle B., encouraged by netizens, allowed her to raise more than 14,000 euros in a few hours, until she decided to close the farm. “You just changed my life”she concluded in a second video in which she promises to donate part of the windfall to student charities.

“I have become a spokesman for precarious students”

Do you have to fight from a humble background to be able to finance your studies? Behind this cartoonish situation This is the question asked by the student pursuing a Sciences Po double degree in partnership with Freie Universität Berlin, for which the first two years will take place on the Sciences Po campus in Nancy and the two following ones in the German capital, where Maëlle B. is now lives, with a rent of 400 euros.

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“Here I have become the spokesman for precarious students, I want to take on the roleshe comments the World. Because as long as the students don’t talk, nobody does anything.the young woman continues, recalling the case of Anas, a young man who went so far as to set himself on fire in November 2019 in front of the Crous de Lyon.

The case is emblematic of the rigidity of the scholarship award system, which relies solely on the resources of the parents without considering the real “rest of the life” of the student. Maëlle B.’s father is unemployed and her mother, a civil servant in Mayotte, receives a 45% salary increase and a rent subsidy in connection with “expensive living” in the overseas territories. “These are direct consumer aids for my parents, they are none of my business and do not increase their ability to help me financiallystresses the student. If my mother were still working in mainland France, she would get a salary of 1,700 euros and I would go back to level 3 or 4 for the crous. »

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