The Volksuniversität Neuburg awaits its new workplace

The outgoing office, Éliane Longer, desk officer, in the center, with Nelly Pelfrène, Laura Cadot and Nicole Duclos, office members.
The outgoing office: Éliane Longer, desk officer, in the middle, with Nelly Pelfrène, Laura Cadot and Nicole Duclos, office members. ©Le Courrier de l’Eure

On Friday 18 November, late in the afternoon, around twenty people attended the General Assembly in the Roger Barbat room at the Neubourg Cultural Centre. On the agenda, the people’s university should decide on the composition of the collegial office.

The management team of UP Neuburg currently consists of five members. Some of them have announced their intention to surrender. But despite the announcements, the post could not be extended due to a lack of applications. In the following days, the composition of the new collegial office was to be determined in a meeting.

“May the People’s University go on”

Éliane Longer, the speaker, would like to find a successor herself for the next school year: “I have been performing these functions for a very long time and would like to find a replacement for 2023.” And there was no lack of encouragement. In particular by Marie-Noëlle Chevalier, assistant in particular for culture. “The door is open for new members to set up the office so that the people’s university can continue. “For the mayor of Neubourg, Isabelle Vauquelin, “times are not easy. All associations have difficulties finding their previous activities again. Le Neubourg has 80 associations, which creates a real strength thanks to volunteer work”.

The assessment of Éliane Longer bears witness to this. The start of the school year in September 2022 went well with a resumption of usual activities. However, the number of visitors is clearly declining. In 2021 there were 296 family memberships. This year there were only 261.

2021 still disturbed by the health crisis

According to the speaker of the college, the 2021 morals report was still somewhat disturbed after the pandemic. “I regret a staff shortage for the children’s theater course, but there are 183 students enrolled in the music course. “In terms of yoga, the 2021 recovery has been modest, but this year the Thursday evening classes are attracting eleven members. The dictation brings together fourteen to eighteen people once a month. The bridge will be deleted due to lack of registration. Patchwork and Qi Gong are suspended this year.

The financial report shows a smaller deficit than last year, mainly because there were no subscriptions to be reimbursed. This deficit is limited to €4,084. Teacher salaries are €202,292 and grants awarded are €84,254.

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