The winter college for younger farmers in Haute-Marne

Union. From November 29, the 1ah From December 1st, Haute-Marne will be the center of agricultural France. The Young Farmers of Haute-Marne hold the Union Winter University at the Charles de Gaulle Memorial in Colombey. Presidents and general secretaries everywhere will question union commitments. They will be almost 300.

For young farmers, the Winter University, which brings together all the elected YES from the French territory, is “a high point, a moment of training, exchange, collective building”. This year, in Haut-Marne, it will focus on engagement and mobilization. “Individual skills development, thematic workshops to collectively develop our union strategies and moments of exchange will punctuate these three days,” said JA 52 representatives.

“It is therefore important to give elected officials keys so that they can remobilize young people and revitalize their territories.”

Young farmers from Haute-Marne

The theme “Committed youth, mobilized farmers” was not chosen by chance. In recent years, and especially after the health crisis, the union has seen its membership decline. “It is therefore important to give elected officials the keys to remobilize young people and revitalize their territories,” we tell JA.

One of the most anticipated moments of these three days is the arrival of Julien Denormandie, former Minister of Agriculture, and Thierry Cadart, former Secretary General of the CFDT. They will share their experiences on Tuesday, November 29, at the end of the afternoon.

The other particularity of this edition is that Haute-Marne has been chosen as the host. In order to offer their guests a quality stay, the Young Farmers have chosen “an emblematic site with the Charles de Gaulle monument in Colombey”.

The meaning of the farmer’s day

Aside from the work of the network, the joy of partying will never be far away… The stay of all these JAs, who have come from all over France, is an opportunity to discover the department and its specialties. You can enjoy a cheese bar with Langres, Chevillon, Emmental Grand Cru, Brie de Meaux, etc. You can also taste local wines and beers such as Montsaugeonnais and La Choue.

Frederic Thevenin

Installation as a workhorse

In France, only every fifth farmer is under 40 years old. However, since its inception in 1957, Young Farmers has defended and encouraged the settlement of young people and the renewal of generations of farmers. The network offers ideas to provide project managers with better financial, professional and human support.

Their struggles include: simplifying administrative procedures for project promoters by turning the operations development plan into a business plan; a much less restrictive future-oriented management tool.

The union also received a Young Farmers Endowment boost in 2017; the financial support previously given by Europe and now by the regions to young people in the installation phase. On a more local level, Young Farmers encourages municipalities and local communities to assign set-up assistance to project leaders who wish to establish themselves in their area. The settlement of farmers and thus of new residents can be an attractive argument for them.

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