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“ de montagne” is the name of the twitch channel started by a Grenoble association that brings together teachers and students. They talk about science popularization and the world of research on a platform whose codes needed to be tamed.

“We are teachers-researchers and Twitch is not really our world”, admits Mikael Chambru. Mountain historian, lecturer at the University of Grenoble-Alpes, he has taken a new route to discover his territory. Mikael has just joined the twitch channel “ de montagne”, launched almost a year ago by a Grenoble association bringing together teachers and students.

Talking about the world of research, but also about current events around the mountain, is the credo of the teachers-turned-streamers. The Twitch platform allows them to interact in real time with their audience, generally young, even very young.

As a researcher, it’s good because it forces you to make things easy to understand.

Raphael Latello

in France 3 Alps

“We will look for different people. It is also an important element for discovering research and sharing knowledgebelieves Mikael Chambru. Research is the production of scientific knowledge. To teach means to pass them on to the students. After that, one of our missions is to share them with as many people as possible.”

Raphaël Lachello, environmental historian at the University of Grenoble, who has been present since the launch of the channel, enlivens the streams in a humorous tone. Live streamed videos ranging in length from one hour to over three hours. The formats offered to its approximately 300 subscribers are varied, from decryption to immersion in the daily life of a teacher-researcher. In some streams, Raphaël writes and tells his thesis live.

“It’s not easy for us because we tend to hide certain things. You have to accept showing a work that is not finishedhe explains. As a researcher, it’s good because it forces you to make things easy to understand.”

Behind the scenes, Théophile, a student at the club, is responsible for bringing a touch of youth. So that the content of the channel corresponds to the philosophy of the platform. “We call it the ‘Viewer 0’, it’s like a Viewer 0”comments Raphaël Lachello.

At each end of the stream, the team takes stock, measuring the audience. They know their audience is made up mostly of college students interested in science and mountain issues. “Twitch tools make it possible to keep people. (…) There is a VIP badge for our special viewers, so we create a community. There are people that we see coming back, it’s like we have friends who have been there every day. Sometimes some are not there, we ask them for news. In the end we recognize some of them.”laughs Raphael.

The “mountain seekers” now want to find a new audience, even younger than the students who want to learn. Keeping the codes of the most popular platforms.

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