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TikTok – An area for creativity on the service of schooling?

What is that ?

TikTok is a social networking platform launched in 2016 by Chinese company ByteDance that allows users to create and share short videos with music. The application has quickly become the most influential social network in the world, especially among 12-18 year olds.

We also see that more and more teachers, whether content creators or simple users, are using the TikTok platform in their classes for educational purposes on a daily basis.

How it works ?

Learn how to make a photo montage, video montage, and photo and video montage on TikTok in this video from Network Lab that offers social media guides and tutorials.

For what purposes?

-Dimitri Bongers

Teacher of French as a foreign language in Belgium and expert in digital tools, Dimitri Bonger proposed a guide to using TikTok in language teaching with six teaching ideas as part of a “Special Collaboration” article for L’École branchée. For the author, despite justified skepticism, TikTok can offer interesting didactic paths, especially in terms of interactivity, creativity and the addition of playful elements to courses.

Here is the link to the article “The Guide to Using TikTok in Language Lessons – 6 Lesson Ideas”

– Julien Bobroff

Physicist and Professor at the University of Paris-Saclay, Julien Bobroff has tested multiple methods to become popular in less than a minute since he’s on TikTok (tell a fun fact, have a good live experience, explain a scientific concept, etc.). He also suggested a small thread on Twitter to showcase them and make them a “nice” base of examples for those who want to get started.

Here is the link to Julien Bobroff’s Twitter thread.

-Estelle Kolar & Yann Bouvier

Mathematics teacher at the Louis Arnand College in Nancy, Estelle Kolar alias @wonderwomath has over 360,000 followers on TikTok. On his side, Yann Bouvier High school history teacher aka @yanntoutcourt has 540,000 subscribers on the same platform.

As part of an article for EdTechActu, the two explain to us the reasons for the overwhelming success of their instructional videos. The last part of the article is also very interesting because they deal with the question of the “real” educational added value of using TikTok with a view to their respective experiences.

Here is the link to the article “These teachers who are all the rage on TikTok!”

Bonuses: Yann Bouvier can also be found in the video, This High School History Teacher Hijacks TikTok for Educational Purposes (LeHuffPost), where he explains the creation and his day-to-day life as a Tiktokeur teacher.

-Alexandra Coulee

Coordinator of Educational Services at L’École branchée, Alexandra Coulee aka The Service Geek offers a very interesting article on the Espaceprof blog where she tells us about her amazement at seeing videos that help her daily in her professional development.

Always looking for digital pedagogical innovations (I also recommend her podcast), she particularly appreciates, she writes, seeing young students sharing their tips and technological discoveries (voice dictation to take notes, websites to make videos easily edit, keyboard shortcuts, etc.). She also carefully watched videos of teachers sharing their lesson management tips (fun participation, ways to organize materials, etc.).

Here is the link to his article “Professional development with TikTok?”

My opinion on the potential of TikTok

I have to admit that I was initially quite skeptical about TikTok’s educational potential. In this constant barrage of silly videos, I really had trouble seeing any interest in them. And then… during my observation, I “stumbled” on various articles reflecting the extraordinary creativity of teachers on TikTok, but also on an interview with Cassiopée Henaff during Ludovia#BE 2021 entitled “Insta and TikTok at the service of learning” , which eventually convinced me I was wrong.

Finally, TikTok, in addition to the interest of young people, proves to be an excellent space for creativity in the service of learning when the platform is used for educational purposes.

Despite everything, and it is Cassiopée Henaff who reminds us very well, we must not think that we will replace his course with a course on TikTok. As for Yann Bouvier, he is also right in reminding us that education requires direct contact, time and intervention.

Gerald TIROT


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