UNIVERSITY: European Incapacity Employment Week

From November 14th to 20th, the University of Burgundy offers three meetings and broadcasts a series of podcasts on the integration of people with disabilities.

On the occasion of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities and in continuity with the policy led by the uB in favor of the integration of people with disabilities, the University of Burgundy mobilizes to raise awareness of its community on the ideas received around this topic.

On the program: Agora “Disability, coexistence and growth, reality or utopia?” organized by Harmonie Mutuelle; “Duo Day” to allow a person with a disability to participate in the daily lives of uB employees; Conference with Josef Schovanec: “Strange people, the university and you: Welcome to Autistan!” as well as a number of internal podcasts to listen to online.

Tuesday November 15 – Multiplex room

5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: Agora Mutualiste organized by Harmonie Mutuelle, “Disability, coexistence and growth, reality or utopia?” (free, after registration)

Do people with disabilities and non-disabled people really live together in society? Is the “normal” environment really suitable for citizens with intellectual or psychological disabilities? On the occasion of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, this Agora offers the opportunity for scientists, associations and managers of medico-social institutions to exchange views on coexistence, progress in this area and those still to be done.

– Pierre ANCET, Director. the University for all Burgundy. University Professor of Philosophy of Disability,
– Eric KUENZI, Deputy Director of the Medical and Social Center of Salins de Bregille
– Françoise CHOPLIN and Joseph PERNETTE, parents and administrators – Association des Papillons Blancs Bourgogne du Sud, member Unapei BFC
– Maryline JENNIER, President of Rights before 25
– Lauriane PRANDATO Regional Delegate of UNAPEI

Thursday November 17 – Duo Day

Volunteers give a person with disabilities (students or job seekers) the opportunity for a day to share their everyday life, to observe or to actively participate in uB life.

The goal is twofold:
– Enable people with disabilities to put themselves in a working situation, to review their choices or to discover a new job. The DuoDay also makes it possible to establish useful contacts when looking for a job.
– Discover the strengths and professional qualities of workers with disabilities in a warm and benevolent moment.

Saturday, November 19 – Multiplex room

“Strange people, the university and you: Welcome to Autistan! »
Conference with Josef Schovanec

The University of Burgundy, in partnership with ADAPEI 21, Caisse d’Epargne BFC and Harmonie Mutuelle, is pleased to welcome the philosopher, writer and activist for the dignity of people with autism, Josef Schovanec.

Josef Schovanec is a French philosopher, writer and autistic traveller, activist for the dignity of autistic people and human biodiversity.

Since 2007 he has given numerous conferences and training courses in this field in France and abroad. Known for his distinctive voice, sense of humor, politeness, openness and logic, he often testifies at these meetings what he experiences and observes as a “person with autism”. He positions himself for a more inclusive society for people with autism. And does not hesitate to share his personal experiences to better illustrate the difficulties of today’s society.

Conference free and open to all. After reservation (online).

To listen to: A series of “homemade” podcasts

employees of uB with disabilities testify

People with disabilities are often reluctant to talk about their health problems at work for fear of stigma. This week, the University of Burgundy is giving four of them the floor to break down prejudice and show that a person with a disability or health problem is also a competent person. Objective: Allow employees to speak more freely about their health issues without fear of prejudice by receiving a benevolent welcome.

Podcasts can be found on the University of Burgundy Soundcloud


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