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[VIDÉO] After 6 boys, a homeschooling household is happy to seek out out the gender of their seventh youngster

Expecting their 7th child, the excited parents of six boys under the age of ten were stunned when, at the baby’s gender reveal party, confetti cannons released a shower of pink confetti into the air.

said Sarah Molitor of Central Washington The Times Era : “There will be about 5% of me who won’t believe it until I hold it in my arms! »

Sarah and Tim, her husband of 13 years, have six sons: Jude, 10, Hudson, 8, Chase, 6, Crew, 5, Beck, 3, and Griffy, 1. As of this writing, Sarah is 22 weeks pregnant with her seventh child. Her family was almost unanimous in their predictions that the expected child would be a boy.

Sarah and Tim Molitor (Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)

In her six previous pregnancies, Sarah learned the sex of the baby at the 20-week ultrasound. However, since the couple knew this was most likely their last child, they thought they would do things differently and so they had a gender reveal party with the family.

Sarah handed her sonographer two bags of confetti balls, one blue and one pink. The technician put the good weapons into a third secret bag and returned it to Sarah. On the morning of November 11, Sarah’s sister prepared breakfast for the whole family, who gathered in the living room for the big reveal.

Sarah had installed five cameras, “just to be sure”. At three, she and Tim released their balls and were showered with pink confetti. In the footage shared on Instagram, a shocked Sarah falls to the ground, Tim and the family scream with joy and the six boys scream and dance with excitement.

Sarah and Tim Molitor with their children at Baby 7’s gender reveal (courtesy of Sarah Molitor)
(Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)

“I was totally ready for a boy. I thought to myself, ‘It would be so exciting to be a mother of seven boys!’ »– said Sara The Times Era. “So when it turned pink…it was a real shock.” »

Since her pregnancy with baby no. 7 was similar to the previous six pregnancies, the result completely surprised her.

“I think I was a bit confused in that sense… really convinced it was a boy” she explained.

But the mother-to-be said the couple have always loved their children and have always relied on God for who and what they have. They are just grateful.

The gender reveal party was “epic”because the whole family was there. “It was so touching and special for us”she said.

“The first thing one of my sisters did was very funny”she added. “Right after everyone celebrated, she said, ‘Where’s the envelope? Let’s check!’ We went to get the envelope, opened it, took out the picture and the ultrasound technician had inserted the certificate that said ‘I’m a girl’. We were like, ‘OK!’ »

(Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)
(Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)

A former registered nurse, Sarah quit her job in 2016, after the birth of their second child, to become a full-time mother. Tim, a hotel manager for the family business, works while Sarah home-schools their three older children.

Explaining her desire to educate her children, Sarah said: “From 8am to 3pm, I don’t want them to leave, come home and only have two hours a day with them… Since I’m at home and I can do it, I really wanted to do it. »

“They help each other, I help them, the little ones play and sit on my lap […] we really make our family work as a team; not by force, but by choice and by the atmosphere of our home. »

After five years of homeschooling, Sarah, who has written two children’s books, says the lifestyle is “Really, really great […] on Friday we can say, ‘We’re ditching school and going to Nana and Daddy’s, or we’re going on a short holiday and don’t have to answer to anyone’she said. “We can make up for lost time later, at our own pace. This flexibility is so precious to our family. »

(Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)

Sarah and Tim’s sons love babies and were overjoyed when they learned they would soon be seven, even praying together for the little sister they haven’t met yet.

“Belief affects everything” Sarah said. “It could be something as simple as reading a Bible story. It can be as simple as saying, ‘I’ve had a difficult day, let’s pray about it together.’ It can be as simple as when my boys are arguing about something and I say, ‘Hey guys, here’s what God says about it. Let’s try to do better.’ »

Both Sarah and Tim share their struggles and successes with their children, hoping to show them a “full picture of what our faith looks like, through life.”

The couple share their lives on Instagram. If reactions such as “These are a lot of children! » Where “Your home should be a real zoo”are not rare. According to Sara, 99.9% of the reviews are positive. Other women and mothers who send him messages of love and well wishes hold a special place in his heart.

Sara also admits that her sons are “The best and most respectful guys” , but she insists she doesn’t have to run the family home alone. She advocates “offloading” yourself, whether it’s hiring a maid once a month, bringing in a family member, or even eating off paper plates so you don’t have to do the dishes: teamwork does possible this.

(Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)

“Not everything is perfect all the time, and we drop some balls as we maneuver other balls, but it all balances out!” »she added.

Watch the video:

(Courtesy of Sarah Molitor)

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