Well being Commissioner is suing Queen’s College for defamation over pandemic

dr Matthew Strauss explains that the way Queen’s University and Dr. Stephen Archer after his comments on COVID-19, forcing him to give up his position at the facility after a layoff, which he qualified to beimplicitly.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Stephen Archer, who until recently was Dr. Strauss’s supervisor at Queen’s Medical School was said to have consistently reprimanded him for publicly criticizing public health measures related to COVID-19.

None of the allegations made by Dr. Strauss was proven in court and no court date was set to hear the case because his complaint was filed in Ontario Superior Court on October 20.

court records.

The court documents of Dr. Matthew Strauss, of which Radio-Canada received a copy.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Philippe Nadeau

The charges against Dr. Archer and Queen’s University followed August through October 2020, then December 2020 through February 2021, according to court documents, over statements by Dr. Strauss in social networks and in the press.

In particular, it is written the tone and tenor of Dr. Archer’s communications angered Dr. Strauss and made him anxious to taking a break from his doctoral program.

dr Strauss claims he was constructively fired when told his contract would not be extended to June 30, 2022 as planned.

He claims he has been accused of acting in a manner dangerous and deceptivefrom endanger patients through his behavior and make inaccurate public comments and some disinformation.

A photograph of a doctor at Queen's University Medical School in Kingston.

dr Steve Archer is at the center of allegations by Dr. Matthew Strauss in a 22-page lawsuit.

Photo: Steve Archer/Twitter


He says dr. Archer has undermined his authority and credibility as a physician and science writer and is the subject of constant harassmentboth written and oral, by him and other members of the university staff.

A long career

Documents show that Dr. Strauss worked as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Queen’s University from July 2019 to November 2021.

He was also a General Practitioner in Internal Medicine and a Specialist in the Intensive Care Unit at Kingston General Hospital.

He was previously Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University in Hamilton from 2015 to 2020 and Medical Director of Critical Care at Guelph General Hospital from October 2016 to July 2019.

He also writes scientific articles in several daily newspapers such as the Hamilton viewers at which the National Post.

An ensign from Queen's University, Ontario.

dr Strauss was a contract clerk at Queen’s University, Kingston, where he was also a graduate student.

Photo: (Michelle Allan/CBC)

In his complaint, Dr. Strauss an email from Dr. Archer reminding him that he was hired by Queen as a doctor and not as a journalist.

dr Strauss concludes that he feels humiliated and that his reputation was severely tarnished when Dr. Archer called him a incompetent and unethical doctorfromimmature man and dishonest and from Donald Trump supporters.

However, he claims his annual professional review in March 2021 mentions an accomplishment consistently positivedespite the criticism he faced, and never received a reprimand from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

He adds that these events are taking a heavy toll on his personal life, income and job prospects. He says he’s felt since leaving Queen’s of thefearout emphasize and some emotional pain.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in downtown Toronto.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says it has no misconduct proceedings against Dr. Ostrich.

Photo: Google Street View

dr Strauss, on the advice of his attorney, David Elmaleh, did not allow us an interview.

Me Elmaleh writes this in an email dr Strauss is a strong believer in academic freedom to exchange ideas, especially those that concern the public interest, such as B. the response of the authorities to the pandemic.

Queen’s University responds that it is aware of the lawsuit but has not yet received notice, so it has not yet submitted its defense papers to court.

She also refuses to comment as it is a questiona staff dispute the facility.

In an email, the Order confirmed that Dr. Matthäus Strauss was never brought before a disciplinary committee.

This is not the first controversy for the medical officer.

He has stated on social media in the past that he prefers it Give your kids COVID-19 instead of a Happy Meal before taking over as interim Haldimand-Norfolk County Public Health in September 2021.

Minister Christine Elliott with a mask over her face.

Christine Elliott served as Secretary of Health in Ontario for the first term of the Ford administration.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Cole Burston

Earlier that same year, he wrote opinion articles criticizing mandatory mask wearing, lockdowns and vaccinations.

In the interview below CBC dated September 2021, explains Dr. Strauss said he has since watered down his wine over his comments when Liberal MPs asked the health minister to oppose his hiring.

always acc CBC a spokeswoman for Minister Christine Elliott had said in this regard that the appointment of Dr. Strauss does not require ministerial approval, as he only holds the office of medical officer on an interim basis.

The spokeswoman recalled that the Haldimand-Norfolk Board of Public Health did not seek to hire him permanently.

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