What do professionals clean concrete with

If you need commercial concrete cleaning, you might be tempted to do the job yourself. After all, how difficult can it be to pressure wash a driveway, sidewalk, or wall? In reality, you might be surprised. This is because there are different types of solvents that are used to treat different types of stains and dirt. Pressure Pros of the Carolinas professional pressure washing team will come to your home, assess your property and determine which cleaners should be used for best results. Here is an overview of the cleaning solutions we can use on your concrete.

  • Acidic Solutions: Acidic cleaners work well on dirt, stains, and efflorescence (a salt-like stain that appears on concrete due to hard water or a highly alkaline soil). Professional pressure washers will neutralize the concrete and may recommend sealing to guard against future buildup.
  • Neutral pH solutions: They are used for fairly superficial stains and dirt. If your concrete surfaces only need a light cleaning, this may be the solution.
  • Alkaline Solutions: Cleaning commercial concrete walkways often involves removing stubborn, embedded oil or grease stains. Alkaline cleaners are usually the best way to remove the oil so it can then be washed away.
  • Bacterial or Enzymatic Solutions: These concrete cleaners are used to remove protein or starch based stains. Many of them do not require water for activation, making them a practical choice for many pressure washing companies.

Sealing the driveway protects against stains

Similar to preventing cracking of the driveway, sealing your driveway can prevent stains. By allowing a penetrating sealer to fill cracks and pores in your driveway surface, it can prevent the absorption of things like oil, dirt, and other organic matter. When “potential” stains are retained on the surface, removal is easy and permanent stains will be a thing of the past.

Sealing your driveway can be great for curb appeal for several reasons. First off, if you have your driveway professionally cleaned, then applying it with a sealant coat will help it stay looking great even longer. I’ve seen concrete that looks clean after several years of normal traffic thanks to a great driveway sealer.

It’s safer

Uncleaned concrete tends to have buildup such as mold growth, oil slicks and mildew. This makes your concrete dangerous with the risk of slipping. It’s essential that you keep your home safe for family and visitors, which means keeping your concrete free of hazards that increase the risk of falls and injury. By having your concrete pressure washed, you will help keep those around you safe.

The value of your property may not mean much to you right now, but if you’re ever considering selling your home, this should be of concern to you. What you do now to keep your home in good shape and maintain its quality will affect its value in the future. While you can get your home back in good shape when you get it ready for the market, the more you do now to keep it in tip-top shape, the better.

Unsealed concrete floors

Unsealed concrete floors are made with poured concrete only. This means that it does not contain or has undergone any additional processing. Without a finish, however, these floors are more vulnerable to staining due to the porous nature of the surface. This type of concrete flooring is typically used in outdoor spaces.

Here are the instructions for cleaning unsealed concrete floors:

Cleaning concrete surfaces

Cleaning concrete surfaces becomes much easier if a pressure washer is available. The machine throws water at four gallons per minute and with enough force to dislodge much of the dirt on the surface. Adjusting the washer nozzle to a fan and spraying back and forth across the surface while maintaining a distance to avoid damaging the floor ensures an even shine across the surface. For best results, it is advisable to use hot water in the pressure washer.

Concrete surfaces rarely get the attention they need. Regular cleaning is a surefire way to enhance that coveted shine and durability. These are fair but simple procedures on how best to clean concrete.

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