What is the best domestic pressure washer to buy

COST: $50 – $250

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Best Inexpensive Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for a reliable pressure washer at a good price, you’ll want to read this. A pressure washer is a great device to have. They make cleaning jobs much faster and more efficient. Cleaning cars, trucks, patios, driveway or garage floor is much easier. In particular, get rid of stubborn dirt in tight places. There is no easier way to clean hardened carbon from rims (especially those with narrow gaps) than with a high pressure sprayer using a narrow stream.

I’ve made the mistake in the past of buying something too cheap – thinking I won’t be using it too often. Experience has taught me that once you own a pressure washer, you will use it a lot more than expected. So it’s worth spending a bit more for a quality item.

How much psi do I need to clean patios and driveways?

In general, a 3 GPM, 3000 psi pressure washer is ideal for cleaning patios and driveways. Use the tip with the widest angle to prevent the surface of these hardscapes from degrading. Using a pressure washer on these surfaces can make brick and concrete look like new.

First, start cleaning driveways and patios from one end and keep the tip approximately 12 inches from the surface of the landscaping to minimize streaking and prevent damage the surface. Clean the surface in a steady sweeping motion and use a push broom or wide spray nozzle to wash debris from the surface.


The Simpson MSH3125 is powered by a Honda GC190, 3200PSI at 2.5GPM. This fabulous little petrol pressure washer is easy to move around but delivers a very powerful jet, when considering the best pressure washer for the money we couldn’t fault it. Lots of pressure washers well within any reasonable budget.

The Megashot delivers 3,200 psi (pounds per square inch) at 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute), making it safe for all household applications: one of the highest we’ve reviewed and more than enough to give you a fabulous result.

Medium Duty 2000-2800 PSI

Medium duty pressure washers do a better job of cleaning dirt buildup and oil stains than low duty pressure washers . This classification ranges from as low as 2,000 PSI to as high as 2,800 PSI. You can use a medium pressure washer for almost any surface. They are great for cleaning concrete, brick and wood. They work especially well for cleaning patios, siding, roofs, decks and fences.

The medium pressure washer is great for getting rid of tough stains and grime that a low pressure washer can’t clean. You can also use it on wooden surfaces without chipping the wood and creating splinters. Do not use a medium power pressure washer on your windows or vehicles as this may crack your window or cause a dent in the vehicles.

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