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Winamax Poker Tour 2022/2023 – Winamax

Winamax Poker Tour Lille

At the Winamax Poker Tour, participants can be divided into two categories. There are the “return buyers” and then the “first time buyers”. In other words: There are those who have been tour fans for a long time and those whose career as “WiPiTeur” has only just begun. 6-max side event winner in front of a field of 120 players, guillaume belongs to the second category. The Amiens fan was already aware of the existence of our awesome freeroll championship, but it wasn’t until this year that he started – no doubt the five-year absence from the tour had something to do with it…”The offer from Winamax was great and I qualified for the Lille stage on the first try. It was the stage closest to Amiens. 90 minutes by car is a bit far but I still had to try!

In hindsight, it was absolutely necessary: ​​Guillaume, in his very first live tournament, qualified directly for the Grand Final, a €500 tournament that guaranteed at least €1 million in prize money. A first attempt that is shaping up to be a feat for those who admit to playing tournaments at “1, 2 or 5 euros“online, with appearances limited to wins or finals in small tournaments like Kill the Fish or Spartacus.”Nothing special !

After dropping out of the main event, around 300th place, Guillaume took over the side event that was just beginning. It was played in 6-max. A radically different format from the “Full Ring” offered by the Main Event. “Of course, if you play 10 per table, the ranges are not equal! The 6-max is more my way of playing, I like to see the flops, I like to see how the opponents are playing. It is better“It’s better, and even better, if you”pretty smooth run“According to William.”Second hand: I double down with the jacks against the 10. I have chips, I attack a little, I keep going up. Then I flop the full house with As-10. I bet very small it will be paid. Turn, I check, he sends a good breeze block, I call. River: I check, he moves all-in, I call” A slow play, made all the more reasonable when his opponent had a very large stack. “My tournament began. After that I did a few flips. In the endgame when I was three, I won with ace-10 against ace-jack, but he was out of chips, I had to leave.”

Winamax Poker Tour Lille

A long heads-up ensued against the stubborn ones Mahdi, so long that it extended past the conclusion of the Main Event with its 11 qualifiers. Fighting as hell, Mehdi managed to make multiple passes…without managing to completely turn the match around. Supported remotely by his brother and friends, with whom he always chatted online during their MTT sessions, Guillaume was able to enjoy: In March, the educational assistant and physical education teacher plays the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final in freeroll.

Side Event 6-max results
120 players

Winamax Poker Tour Lille

rank first name Pseudo town, village Earn (in miles)
winner guillaume GuiguiCFC amiens Ticket Grand Finale €500
runner up Mahdi Mehdimaiz00 Saint Etienne Entry €150
3 Frederick WolverineK10 Richeburg Entry €100
4 Gregory Razgovorivix

Admission €50
5. baptist Keskidi0 Paris Admission €50
6. jeremy Tyrol flank Paris Entry €30
7 Florian Unicorn DLC Montigny les Cormeilles Entry €30
Winamax Poker Tour Lille

Jérémy Sirvin, producer of the RMC Poker Show and regular special correspondent of the Winamax Poker Tour, found a way to reach a final this weekend. Ah, this one, as soon as we give him an excuse not to work, he goes head over heels!

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