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Window. Muriel Girard offers singing classes: “It is superb for well being and morale”

Muriel Girard
Muriel Girard shares her experience as an opera singer with her students ©Le Journal de Vitré

Muriel Girard, an opera singer by profession, teaches singing in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Shocked in lyrical art and painting from early childhood, especially with a singer father of lyrical art, Muriel Girard enters the conservatory of Caen, where she is from. She will stay there from 17 to 21 years old and will receive the first prize unanimously.

Jeanne Rhodes and Roberto Benzi

This passionate singer then went to the capital, where she trained with the greatest. These meetings will be decisive for the rest of his career.

“I arrived in Paris where I met great masters and singers with whom I studied. They allowed me to perfect my technique and my vocal work. They enriched me a lot and brought me a lot”, says the singer, who mentions the names of Jeanne Rhodes and Roberto Benzi.

She will perform in many scenes: “Tosca near Nice, Demoiselle chosen by Debussy and Debussy, or even Belle Hélène in Pontarlier. »

A wide audience

Teaching is close to his heart. Muriel has been training students for many years. Arriving in Vitré, she also offered to teach there.

“Singing is essential for me. I really like to learn. I aim for a very wide audience, of all ages and all levels”, like all the positions that Muriel Girard has held.

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“I also approach singing with students and people in difficulty”, explains the professional who has worked in a psychiatric day hospital, with children, invalids…

She has worked for more than 20 years in music school in Valognes, in La Manche and was also choir director. She also intervened several times in Bertrand d’Argentré High School in Vitré.

“A Crazy Instrument”

The art of singing is wonderful. It touches man in what is most extraordinary. Singing is very difficult, but it’s a crazy instrument that allows you to fully release your being. In addition, it is very good for health and morale!

Some people can discover themselves through singing. “It’s a part of the body that we don’t necessarily recognize. Often my students thank me, because it has brought them a lot. »

Muriel Girard refers specifically to students who are afraid to express themselves in public. “The courses offer them peace, freedom and openness to others. »

The lyricist tries above all to convey the basics, which are then applicable to all types of songs. She travels to her students or hosts them at her home. And continues with the pedagogy: “We will learn and discover, with calmness, care and tenderness. »

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