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Worldwide Day for the Rights of the Baby: The CNIL organizes workshops in main faculties

The International Day of the Rights of the Child celebrates the adoption of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1989 by the United Nations General Assembly. This international legal text enshrines in particular the right to privacy of children.

For the occasion and as part of its partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Youth, this year the CNIL visited the Mozart Primary School in Vélizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines).

This morning, the CNIL teams were able to discuss with students, their teachers and their parents by offering workshops to raise awareness of online privacy protection.

Raising awareness of tomorrow’s digital citizens

In a playful format, activities and practical advice helped to support the youngest in responsible digital use, by making them aware of the risks they may be exposed to. To do this, the CNIL has referred to its new educational resources “Everyone, be careful on the internet! » specifically for 8-10 year olds: themed videos, a quiz, a deck of cards, a poster with keyword definitions, brochures for parents and Teacher.

All in all, caution on the internet - Thematic videos

In addition to the work proposed by the teachers, this intervention with the students (from CP to CM2) allowed them a better understanding how digital works, why personal data is so sought afterwhat they can be used for and What rights do children have in this matter?

At the end of these workshops, each student received a diploma in ‘Beware the Internet’, with a mandate to share best practices with those around them.

Digital education: the actions of the CNIL

This event is an extension of the many actions of the CNIL, which made digital citizenship education a strategic priority in 2013 by initiating the Educnum collective. This brings together almost 70 educational actors (popular education networks, Clémi, etc.), parent-teacher associations, child protection associations (e-Enfance, Children’s Foundation, etc.) to carry out concrete actions of civic education in digital technology, especially for young audiences.

The latest campaign “Together be careful on the internet!” complements the digital citizen kit drawn up by the CNIL, ARCOM and the Defender of Rights, as well as the 8 practical recommendations published by the CNIL in June 2021, after extensive consultation involving minors in particular.

Finally, the CNIL also acts at international level in collaboration with data protection authorities and international organizations such as the Council of Europe, UNESCO, UNICEF and the OECD. For example, a resolution (in English) on children’s digital rights was adopted by 21 global data protection authorities at a meeting in Mexico City in October 2021.

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