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Worldwide relay race approaches Sharm el-Sheikh and calls for schooling on local weather change

November 3, 2022

It has now been 34 days since we launched the longest non-stop relay race ever: the ‘Time’s Out’ relay race to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the site of COP 27, the United Nations climate change conference. . Today, November 3, 2022, is an important moment as more than 670,052 students from 1,916 schools in 103 countries will participate in the Global Schools Day of Action, an opportunity for schools around the world to stand up together and show how local Actions have global implications.

Inside the baton is a message for world leaders, a call for universal and quality education on climate change, to empower people of all ages and places with the knowledge and skills to build a future in which all can be successful. Already 609,442 people have added their names to the message and there is still time to add yours so that it arrives at COP 27 with such support that it is impossible to ignore!

At the end of the day, hundreds of runners, cyclists, sailors, rowers and a windsurfer will have passed the baton over 7,349 km in 17 countries. The witness sailed the world’s busiest sea route, crossed a glacier, ran with a president, and on a transboundary lake, an extraordinary passage took place between kayakers in Albania and an electric boat in Greece. He met staff from the European Commission in Brussels, staff from the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNCCC) in Bonn and hundreds of inspired communities taking climate action along the route.

The last few days have been very exciting! On November 4th, the baton will cross over from Israel to Egypt and begin the final leg towards Sharm el-Sheikh. The World Stage, a great opportunity for everyone everywhere to participate, takes place on November 5th at 10am local time. And finally, the grand finale will be when the witness crosses the finish line at the start of the climate conference and before a series of events where the message will be delivered to world leaders. An inauguration ceremony during COP 27 will be held at the Unesco Pavilion in the Green Zone on November 8, and a multilateral discussion on climate change education and how to advance it is scheduled for November 14. .

Providing quality education about climate change is at the heart of our work. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is an international non-profit umbrella organization with over 100 members that implements our five sustainability programs in more than 80 countries. While climate change education is present in all of our activities, our three educational programs – Eco-Schools, Education on Sustainable Forest Management and Young Reporters for the Environment – ​​support educators directly in delivering climate education. Experiential learning in schools around the world.

The “Running Out of Time” season witness will cross the English Channel on October 10, 2022 with offshore skipper Conrad Colman.

The “Running Out of Time” season witness will cross the English Channel on October 10, 2022 with offshore skipper Conrad Colman.

This initiative is undoubtedly essential to mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change and building sustainable and resilient communities. At the COP 25, held in Madrid, Patricia Espinosa, former UNCAC Executive Secretary, said that “climate change should be mainstreamed into all school curricula and play a central role in the contributions finalized at national level”. In 2021, the Unesco World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development resulted in the Berlin Declaration recognizing that “education is a powerful catalyst for positive change in global mindsets and perspectives and can support the integration of all dimensions of sustainable development, business, society and environment, to ensure that development paths are not solely geared towards economic growth to the detriment of the planet, but towards the well-being of all within planetary boundaries”.

But despite the crucial role education must play in ensuring the transition to a sustainable future, “UNESCO data from 100 countries showed that only 53% of national school curricula worldwide mentioned climate change” and “less than 40% of those published by UNESCO and Education International was able to show the seriousness of this phenomenon”. For these reasons, the message of the Running Out of Time testimony being delivered to world leaders at COP 27 calls for quality universal education on climate change.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t already being taught in schools around the world. With our members delivering three local education programs, we’re proud to support thousands of schools and millions of students and teachers who are already actively involved.

Running Out of Time is a unique opportunity not only to highlight but also to celebrate such climate action. Since launching on September 30, students have organized their own relay races, made their own sustainable cookies, and created posters, videos and more to raise awareness of climate change and support the call for universal education in the world. To see so many young people getting involved in climate protection is inspiring and gives hope. It is often said that young people are our future, but they are in fact our present. Moments like today’s World School Day reaffirm that their voices deserve to be heard, and they should. In this regard, we are extremely proud to be a key partner in this incredible community relay, alongside UK charity Carbon Copy and relay organizers The World Relay, who share our commitment to empowering young people through universal quality education. This manifestation is a symbol of all that can be accomplished when we work together. We are honored by the efforts of everyone who participated in the season and beyond, and especially thank our FEE members who have supported not only this season but also raising awareness of climate change in their countries. With the finish line in sight and to echo the words and ambition of everyone who has embarked on this extraordinary journey so far, remember: “We can do it! “.

Leg 426 of the running time relay at the primary school in Leskovec, Slovenia, with FEE Slovenia and Borut Pahor, their president (second from left), on October 19, 2022. Photo courtesy Abe Lim.

Leg 426 of the running time relay at the primary school in Leskovec, Slovenia, with FEE Slovenia and Borut Pahor, their president (second from left), on October 19, 2022. Photo courtesy Abe Lim.

Our call to action:

Join the global stage! Everyone, wherever they are, is invited to join world scene the Running Out of Time campaign to stand up for climate action and deliver a message to world leaders at COP 27! Take part and run, walk, bike or move for 27 minutes alone, with friends or family on November 5th at 10am local time.

sign the climate message. In the ad is a message about the climate for world leaders calling for quality climate change education for everyone, everywhere. So far, 584,395 people have signed it. You can also sign it and help us reach 1 million signatures.

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