Younger pupil supervisors: quickly their very own scholarship?

Almost €600 a month, that could be the amount of the scholarship for students whose parents are disabled. This bill entered the Senate on September 13, 2022. (Legal) case follows!

Today, a parent’s disability cannot be a barrier to entry into higher education, especially in higher education. A doctor by training, Senator LR from Pas-de-Calais, Jean-François Rapin, advocates that young nurses be informed of a “ national recognition “. With 45 other senators, the right-wing mandate holder therefore introduced a bill in the Senate on September 13, 2022. with the aim of automatically paying out a grant -equal to max level (7)- Students with at least one disabled parent (with a disability rate of more than 80%)” and this regardless of the level of their funds. That would be 596.5 euros per month spread over twelve months.

What about young nurses?

The measures in relation to this are family-political ‘Children’ to ensure that the costs associated with their schooling do not exist. Right now it is important to support them ‘Children’ a priority “, we can read in this legal text. In fact, in France there are 500,000 nurses aged 18-24 (study by Ipsos-Macif 2020). Jean-François Rapin is in constant contact with several care organizations and states: ” the activity of certain young people in their family “, and the ” Effects on their school life, but also psychological and physical effects of this situation oblige them to be more complacent “.

A cross-cutting issue social justice »

This idea, which Calaisien claims to have been sporting for a while: ” I would have liked to see it passed through an amendment to the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS), but I think it would have been rejected. Choosing an invoice was the best solution “. Supported by the political majority of his parliamentary group (LR) in the Senate, and in particular by Philippe Mouiller, vice-president of the social affairs committee responsible for the disabled, Jean-François Rapin is confident about the rest of the legislative process. . Next step: required examination of this dossier by the Committee on Culture, Education and Communication before the vote in the Senate in plenary The text is then submitted to the deputies for consideration according to the same rules (passage in committee, then in open session) If approved by the two assemblies and after After a dialogue within the government, the proposal is registered and becomes law.” It can take several months ‘ warns Philippe Mouiller, who also says to himself: ‘ optimistic “.” Everything will depend on the positioning of the Presidential Party in the National Assembly. But it is a transversal issue of social justice. We can imagine that we will find partners regardless of the factions “, he specifies.

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