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YouTube Participant for Training without cost on-line studying

The famous streaming platform confirms its entry into the education sector. YouTube Player For Education arrives in the United States and South Korea. This tool allows the publication of educational content on the social network for all Internet users who want to educate themselves and learn.

YouTube Player For Education: the educational video player

Distance and online courses are attracting more and more internet users. In recent years, YouTube videos with educational content have easily managed to get millions of views. In fact, 93% of YouTube visitors are interested in explainer videos. Today, one of the most used streaming platforms wants to get more involved in education and is launching its tool YouTube player for education. This new player allows viewing educational content without ads. As in school, the streaming site made the decision to remove ads, but also external links and endorsements. The aim is to offer the user of the social network the best possible environment so that they can fully concentrate on the video.
YouTube Player For Education has worked closely with Google Classroom, EDpuzzle, Purdue University and Purdue Global to develop several high-quality educational videos ready to be put online.

Courses by Youtubers

The success of social network, the platform owes that to its countless content creators. With YouTube Player For Education, the streaming giant wants to offer them the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to Internet users around the world. However, in order to offer online courses on YouTube Player For Education, the content creator must be recognized as “qualified” by the platform.
In general, the courses offered with YouTube Player For Education are free. However, the paid version of this feature allows to remove ads and play the video in the background for netizens and monetize the content for the YouTuber. Videos provided by qualified content creators are not available at this time. A test of this functionality is scheduled to begin in 2023 in the United States and South Korea.

Various school subjects on the programme

The power of the social network Dedicated to video content also lies in the variety of videos published there. Music, sports, fashion and many other worlds are offered on the platform by millions of youtubers and youtubers. With YouTube Player For Education, we can imagine that there will be educational content for all needs: language lessons, coding, math lessons, science and even programs for toddlers like videos for learning to read etc. There is something for both young and old, because learning knows no age. On the one hand, it is also an opportunity for the platform to increase the number of accessible YouTube channels.

Test your knowledge online with quizzes

Quiz, that’s the name of this social network tool with which you can test your knowledge. The idea with quizzes is to allow content creators to rate subscribers’ uptake of their courses through a test. The beta test is scheduled soon and all creators who can access the “Community” tab can participate.

Second experience in education for the social network

The social network made its first experiences in the world of education even before the YouTube Player For Education. Planet Classroom Network is a social network dedicated to young people and launched in early 2021. It’s a kind of international education that brings together young people from all over the world. Now, with this new educational project, the platform renews this experience and intends again to get many views for the educational content put online. However, there are many other videos on the platform that can be considered educational and instructive. There have always been various educational resources, children’s animated films, tutorials, video advice, etc.
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