Yvelines: Worldwide Day towards Violence towards Girls on the College of Paris-Saclay

November 25th is the International Day for Combating Violence against Women almost everywhere in France. The University of Paris-Saclay (USVQ) and its midwifery department are organizing an open day at the UFR Simone Veil-Santé for the occasion.

This day is an opportunity to present the actions taken by both the authorities and associations to help women who have been victims of violence. In particular, information stands will be present from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the hall of the UFR Simone Veil Santé to inform both the health students and the staff of the UFR who will be present that day.

On this occasion there will also be a presentation of the violent knife. The Violentometer is a self-assessment tool with 23 quick questions that you can ask yourself to identify violent behavior and measure whether the couple’s relationship is healthy or, on the contrary, whether it is violent. Developed in Latin America, the violence knife was developed in 2018 by the Observatory on Violence Against Women of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis in collaboration with the Paris Observatory for the fight against violence against women and the En Avant Tout( s) association. Presented in the form of a measuring ruler, the violence meter uses a colored graduation with 23 examples of typical behaviors that a partner can have, reminding of what does or does not constitute violence. It indicates healthy relationships in green, violence that shouldn’t be in orange, and cases of danger or asking for help to protect yourself. Although originally designed for teenage girls and young women, the Force Knife is aimed at everyone, women and men, regardless of age.

This tool is a real help to make victims understand that these are reprehensible actions.

In addition, a thematic exhibition on the theme of “Violence in cinema thematized” will illustrate the hall of the UFR Simone Veil Santé. Loaned by the Department of Yvelines, this gallery of cinema posters is a powerful testimony to the violence inflicted on women by cinematographic works in recent decades.

Finally, several expert conferences will take place in the afternoon. These conferences are open to everyone.

At 12:30 p.m.: dr Jean-Marc Benkemoun, Child Psychiatrist and Forensic Pathologist at the Yvelines Forensic Unit, will speak on “The role of caregivers in the care of female victims of violence”.

At 1:00 p.m.: Marielle Savina, Delegate of the Department of Women’s Rights and Equality (DDETS 78), will develop “assistance and support systems for women victims of violence in the department of Yvelines”.

At 1:30 p.m.: Fabienne Boulard, police officer and advisor to the domestic violence department in Versailles, will recall “The role of the police in the care of female victims of violence”.

This day is part of a more global approach to make known to as many people as possible the means used by institutions, the police, the judiciary and the health sector to fight against this scourge of violence against women, because today it is still the Number of murders of women in France amount to 121!


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